– NFC Demo with Google Wallet on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII) This particular device is on Cricket Wireless. It has a custom ROM by clark44 (XDA) installed (of course it’s rooted). We demo the use of NFC with Google Wallet while at a mall. Improptu video!


  1. Tim Hosewire says:

    Will this work with the verizon one?

  2. I’m wondering what is cooler. The vending machine or the Google Wallet Application.

  3. ponyxpress2002 says:

    oh, by the way, welcome to h-town!!!

  4. USGalaxyS3DotCom says:

    10 dollars free credit. A few free sodas aren’t bad….

  5. ponyxpress2002 says:

    pretty darn cool!!! i guess i will one day get enough nerve to use it soon!!!

  6. USGalaxyS3DotCom says:

    “Currently, Google Wallet supports two kinds of credit cards: most Citi® PayPass™ eligible MasterCard® credit cards and the Google Prepaid Card. In time, we intend to support all the cards you keep in your wallet today. ”

    The Google Prepaid card is an alternative, but you have to fund that first and then use it. That makes it more for wow and less for convenience in my opinion.

  7. indywrenchin1976 says:

    Can you program any credit or debit card on Google Wallet?

  8. USGalaxyS3DotCom says:

    Thank you!

  9. C00LFlame007 says:

    Great video guys! I’m definitely subscribing.

  10. NFC for everyone!


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