Unboxing Sony DSC W610

I got this at Target for 0. I purchased it so I had a nice small camera to use. This camera does not record HD video. The pictures that it takes are very …
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Zoom test.
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  1. canonfs40user says:

    No problem!

  2. MegaBojan1993 says:

    Thanks for the quick response and for the advice.

  3. canonfs40user says:

    It certainly is an easy to use camera. This camera has a setting in the main menu called “Easy” mode. When the camera is set to easy mode, the size of the text size is increased, and only the essential information is shown on the screen. Even if the “Easy” mode is off, it is still simple to operate, and the main menu is easy to navigate, mainly because it is a point and shoot type camera, and there is a good “Automatic” setting on it.

  4. MegaBojan1993 says:

    I plan to buy this camera for my 8 year old relative as a birthday present. Is the camera easy to use by an 8 year old?

  5. canonfs40user says:

    There is no black and white feature on the camera itself, so you would have to use an editing program, like Adobe Photoshop to convert your photos to black and white. There are other editing programs that would work as well.

  6. CatrinaReptileQueen says:

    can it take black and white?

  7. canonfs40user says:

    When I bought he camera, it did cost $110, which I have listed in the video description. It is on a temporary price cut. The temporary price cut brings it down to $90.

  8. Vinay N Nanjundaswamy says:

    what is the price of sony dsc w610

  9. canonfs40user says:

    This camera does have auto focus, but it does’t work too well. If you get close to something while recording, it will get close to complete focus, but when you take the camera away from the object, it is still blurry for quite some time. Correct, it will not zoom while recording. This camera is great for still imagery though. If you are looking for a camera like this one that takes great video quality, go with the Sony DSC-W650, which is 720p HD, and has good auto focus.

  10. dawolffreak says:

    how’s the autofocus while filming video on this camera? i watched your canon fs40 review but you were moving it around too much to see much of the autofocus in action. i also heard that you can’t zoom while taking videos?

  11. canonfs40user says:

    No. For me it is okay, because I use it as a back up video camera, and the quality is pretty good. Photos are good as well. If you would like to see what kind of video it takes, take a look at my Canon FS40 review. I used this new camera to film it.

  12. Slovenija12345 says:

    Do you have any problems with this camera?

  13. canonfs40user says:

    Yes I do like it. It is great if you just want a small, pocket sized camera that takes pretty good pictures, and is a great emergency video camera. I was going to get an HD version, but I have other cameras for those purposes. Thanks for the comment.

  14. PianoManKD says:

    Do you like the camera?

  15. E só configurar a maquina? E trocar o zoom digital pelo óptico que não desfoca….

  16. IamRafeek says:

    thats not much better…………

  17. MrNaveentech says:

    the cameras that lose focus while zoom operation are generally not good for video recording

  18. the camera loses focus while zooming in and out, how is the image quality?

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