Unboxing Sony Cybershot DSC-W690

Sony Cybershot DSC-W690 : 220$ ­čÖé

Test der Sony DSC-HX9V Kamera. Diese ziemlich kompakte Kamera verf├╝gt ├╝ber einen Weitwinkel vom 24 mm (KB) sowie einer Video-Aufnahme in Full-HD (1920 x 1080…


  1. kongbook10 says:

    i actually agree with you the pictures are so bad but for recording´╗┐ videos its pretty good ! thanks

  2. Prnce Sharma says:

    i have this one but i am totally disappointed by this camera ………totally wastage of money :p not recommended ……………………by´╗┐ the way nice video

  3. Giacomo Parisi says:

    sei una lota´╗┐

  4. dazzini82 says:

    yeah´╗┐ it does!

  5. mako825 says:

    yo tengo la 690 y me parece realmente mala… no he probado la samsumg, pero justo estoy buscando comprar una nueva pues esta sony no me gusta…´╗┐ las fotos quedan mal

  6. Sumi thapa says:

    Hello there, are you familiar with “photo SFX art” (just google it)? On their website you can watch a good free video demonstrating the way to make amazing photos. It made it possible for Daniel to shoot photos which have that jaw-dropping-effect whenever you take´╗┐ a look at them. I hope it will help you also.

  7. G1gg1tysidi04ch says:

    I know this is not that great of a video editing software, but what do you use to edit your videos. I might use´╗┐ it

  8. haloken14 says:

    1080p´╗┐ is a term of definition applied to videos… there’s no such thing as a still image being 1080p…. the terms applied to stills is megapixels

  9. kongbook10 says:


  10. kongbook10 says:

    dont think´╗┐ so ..

  11. TheEdevelopers says:

    is it 1080p at still Image ????

  12. NoOtherLikeJAZ says:

    Does this camera autozoom while´╗┐ recording?

  13. dariocampos2011 says:


  14. kongbook10 says:

    yup …. good price´╗┐ thought !

  15. Sajin Sabu says:

    got it for 180$
    Quality is good,but´╗┐ not as good as expected

  16. kongbook10 says:

    great´╗┐ i hope u enjoy no problem come again !

  17. dazzler219 says:

    I ended up buying the T110. It’s definitely better in image quality and it has great ratings as well :). I tested W690 and compared both and that really helped me decide which one to go for. Thanks´╗┐ again for your help! ­čśÇ

  18. kongbook10 says:

    no problem and good luck and´╗┐ enjoy !

  19. dazzler219 says:

    Yeah I think that’s what I’ll do tomorrow. Try and compare with others, to see which one I´╗┐ like :D. Thanks again! This is very helpful ­čÖé

  20. kongbook10 says:

    aww ok no problem but you may like it..sorry for disappointing you, just ask them that you want to check the quality and try it and you´╗┐ should judge ­čÖé

  21. dazzler219 says:

    I actually didn’t go buy it today because of the bad weather, but was really planning to buy tomorrow. Too bad, I was kind of decided to get this one already :(. I have seen sample videos and´╗┐ they are indeed great. I’ll think about it more then :D. Thanks for your response, I appreciate it ­čÖé

  22. kongbook10 says:

    hey ­čÖé i hope´╗┐ i did reply in time its good but i doesn’t really feel like 16 megapixel ..
    i was using my iphone 4 ­čÖé
    zoom is great has lots of features but i dont know why … i taking pics with it is not really great but video its HD ­čÖé amazing .. like it but not the best to go for ..

  23. dazzler219 says:

    I’m planning to´╗┐ buy this tomorrow. How’s the picture quality? Is it any good? Which camera did you use to film this video? Thanks!! ­čÖé

  24. Uchiha Itachi says:

    great´╗┐ video

  25. muellermay says:

    Daf├╝r gibt´╗┐ es den Macro Modus

  26. Kalle Eriksson says:

    Thats awsome´╗┐ dude!

  27. xkati007x says:

    nice video.
    Hab mir die Kamera jetzt auch geholt, wollte fragen ob es normal ist, dass wenn man zb. von ca.50 cm auf eine blume zoom, die kamera es ab´╗┐ 5.0 nicht mehr scharf stellt (ab und zu stellt er dann bei mir den hintergrund scharf).

  28. ROFABRIS says:

    exzellente Video! sehr guten Geschmack!
    dieser Ort ist in ├ľsterreich?
    Ich kaufte eine Kamera, wie´╗┐ ich wirklich genossen habe es.
    Ich mag auch die Musik.
    Dank f├╝r dieses Video.
    Fabris SP Brasilien.

  29. Cayenne3XL says:


    Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium´╗┐ CS5..

  30. Cayenne3XL says:


    Hi Ed, I´╗┐ used active Steady Shot..

  31. Hello. Wonderful´╗┐ video. In the air did you have the camera in Steady Shot or ACT?

    Thank you.
    Ed in San Diego

  32. David Drums says:

    K├Ânnen Sie mir sagen, dass Ihr Video´╗┐ Programm bearbeiten?

    Sehr gute Video
    Gr├╝├če =)

  33. Cayenne3XL says:

    The mountain is “Hohe Salve” in Austria, location´╗┐ is “Hopfgarten”

  34. HonzaH83 says:

    beautiful, what is this place? Where is it´╗┐ filmed?

  35. Saki Dark says:

    Very nice place, video´╗┐ and camera..

  36. Cayenne3XL says:

    Creative Suite´╗┐ Production Premium CS5

  37. Cayenne3XL says:

    Artist: Oleg Serkov
    Title: Meditative
    Royalty free music´╗┐ found at jamendo.com

  38. dikshant1 says:

    please name the music used…thank´╗┐ you…!!!!

  39. OnkelNorbert1 says:

    Super Video
    Tolle Musik von Danny Howells
    Kurze frage welche Videobearbeitungssoftware benuntzt´╗┐ Du ?

  40. wormemc says:

    I have the same camera. You film´╗┐ is fantastic.

  41. Cayenne3XL says:

    : Die Kamera war auf den aktiven Steady-Modus geschaltet, ├╝berwiegend habe ich bei vollem Weitwinkel gefilmt. Die Ausgabe erfolgt bei mir fast grunds├Ątzlich in 1280 x 720, weil ich so das 50p Material auch in 25fps interpretieren und als Zeitlupe verwenden kann (hier nicht gemacht). Sichtbaren Vorteile einer 1080p Version sehe ich durch die Datenkompression ├╝ber Online-Portale praktisch nicht.. ´╗┐

  42. flexo1110 says:

    welche Stabilisatoren sind aktiv gewesen bei den Aufnahmen? der steady shot modus ist sehr eindrucksvoll.
    deine Aufnahmen sehen toll aus. Warum ist´╗┐ die 1080p Version nicht auf Youtube verf├╝gbar?

  43. thestancehelix says:

    Habe die gleiche´╗┐ Cam

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