Unboxing: Canon PowerShot A2300 Digital Camera

This is my unboxing of the Canon PowerShot A2300 Digital Camera. This little camera is amazing for it size. It has a lot of features like HD Movie mode, Opti…


  1. Michael Bellamy says:

    dont have one

  2. Michael Bellamy says:

    i dont have the gold xbox controller, i only brought a gold ps3 controller.

  3. im thinking about getting this but would i also have to purchase a memory card for it? my main purpose for this camera is for videos and pics, but I plan on sending them straight to my computer afterwards so I don’t really need to save them on the camera, unless I have to in order to do so. let me know. thnks

  4. Michael Bellamy says:

    Your welcome, no problem

  5. Thank you! I really appreciate it. 🙂

  6. Michael Bellamy says:

    Thanks for subscribing. I will deff check you out and subscribe.

  7. You’re welcome and I already subbed. 🙂 Do you mind subbing back?

  8. Michael Bellamy says:

    Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Hey if you can, Can you subscribe.

  9. Nice camera! Cool unboxing!

  10. Michael Bellamy says:

    you already know, and lmfao!!!

  11. NolaBoyChris says:

    My boy got that “CANON CANON CANON”

  12. Michael Bellamy says:

    thanks man, i love it

  13. YouStoleMySwag123 says:

    I liked it bro

  14. Michael Bellamy says:

    Thanks man, hey leave a like for me.

  15. YouStoleMySwag123 says:

    This cool bro

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