The World’s First Digital Camera

Kodak engineer Steve Sasson brings the world’s first digital camera to Chautauqua for a talk about it’s invention and the development of digital imaging. For…
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  1. CancerLicker says:

    Probably doesn’t even do 1.8 megapixels.

  2. dnavarro37 says:

    All those circuit boards and wiring for one low-quality image.

  3. MrJ0mmy says:

    link dead

  4. ZZombyWooff says:

    so this is where it all began, ruining photographing forever. I’m I got rid of my digital camera and bought ancient film gizmo, never been happier. awesome, magical pictures

  5. Padraic Clarke says:

    even a 110 camera can get a much higher resolution than this thing

  6. johneygd says:

    i guess those recorded images were 1 bit!!!!

  7. lolzvid says:

    0.1 MP! XD

  8. Rcrby525 says:

    says the weaboo who can’t type in full english

    it’s “you”
    not “u”

  9. XXXxxxGAVESxxxXXX says:

    its 0.1 megapixels

  10. argiemerc says:

    AFAIK it was not digital actually. It was and electronic device and involved no chemical process of course. But the tape stored analog information, not digital. Just as VHS.

  11. Huddiethegreat says:

    So how’s the digital photo market working out for you Kodak? Oh…oh god I’m so sorry

  12. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

    Please do not post a response if you do not understand sarcasm.

  13. ExRetsuya says:

    U should know, that the 1st technology won’t be so great as now… But 1 thing u must remember… If there’s no old sucks invention, u won’t enjoy full frame… So, try to appreciate the old or even 1st invention… Understand?

  14. ThePatriotMuckraker says:

    It sucks because it’s not “full frame”, lol ;P

  15. Unfortunately, Sasson’s bosses (mostly chemists) had a similar attitude which is why Kodak’s in the market position it’s in today.

  16. CassetteMaster says:

    I want to see pictures taken with it.

  17. Hellcommander245 says:

    they couldn’t. the pixel would be to big to fit on the screen

  18. SebisGameReviews says:

    With a stunning resolution of 0.3 X 0.4!

  19. MsRockLove123 says:

    I use this for my presentation, ty!

  20. Jayar Flores says:

    Now Kodak Is In Bankruptcy & Discontinued There Camera Product Line 🙁

  21. Derek Brainard says:

    The logitech fotoman was the first commerically digital camera available. I posted a CNN Future Watch Segment on it.

  22. Neelamber1 says:

    Kodak……should not stick to cameras only. People trusted the name “Kodak” as quality products. They should enter the “ visual /video” electronic market like GPS, computer screens, TV…..means change with time…….otherwise nobody uses film cameras these days.

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