ST95 Samsung Stylish Digital Camera

This is the new Samsung ST95 stylish digital camera. This video will introduce the amazing features of the new ST95 digital camera. ST95’s “Photo Filter” and…


  1. King Ash says:

    Does it have a HDMI port?

  2. emma claus says:

    U stole this video from ssmsungimagine

  3. mansion2648 says:

    Silm and stylish design and wider LCD screen are most attactive point of ST95.

  4. joenikita says:

    nice vid 🙂 thanx !

  5. grandhotel66 says:

    Touch camera ! cool

  6. robbiegili says:

    High quality in such a cute package !! Awesome XD

  7. here090909 says:

    Nice colors :D

  8. fronekjames says:

    does this camera have a pen for the touch display?

  9. starfish0ilove says:

    Huge lens !! Like it !! 🙂

  10. rodregez7865 says:

    I like the size of the camera – compact and slim

  11. naomi190285 says:

    looks great !

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