Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-WX50 is an excellent pocket camera The tiny Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50 is a lot of camera for the money with solid shooting performance and photo and movie quality.

Подробнее Цифровой фотоаппарат Sony H55 обладает мощным широкоугольным объективом с 10-кратным оптическим …


  1. naniieSAYhuh says:

    what is yours called?

  2. spikke ciai says:

    I’m buyin’ this camera tomorrow, I love it 😀

  3. John Adams says:

    Sony sucks. It rated junk.

  4. LGWorldRecord says:

    Imagine taking a picture with this and then looking at it on a 4K LG Ultra HD TV. I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings in terms of TVs and Cameras.

  5. myl7myl7 says:

    i’d appreciate it if you took some pics with it and put it in the video cnet. thx

  6. Spiritbombx100 says:

    I have a WX150 and it is awesome!

  7. DestryLP says:

    Have a WX7

  8. Anthony Whyte says:

    Mines is 18.2 mega pixel….and with a 10x optical zoom. Get that one instead of this one. Plus it has 3d, etc.

  9. 199.99 is your answer and yes that penny make a hell of a difference it seems! LOL

  10. mrtechboy2000 says:


  11. kalargyi says:

    One thing about Sony Electronics, The Newer one comes out every week, yes, every week.
    There are more than 500 different cameras models Sony had made in the past 15 years, worldwide. that means you never have the latest

  12. Blendi Krasniqi says:

    Welcome to CNET hahaha

  13. Pizzaguy100TV says:

    like if you are the 283rd viewer

  14. littlemj02 says:

    They said LESS THAN $200 HOW MUCH EXACT??!?!?!?!??!

  15. wenzelsopinion says:

    yay, you get a prize!

  16. Gustavo Lima says:

    142 viewer

  17. 1st the worst
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    3rd the dirty donkey
    4th the golder angle
    5th the lucky cowboy

  18. Sean Hollander says:


  19. TaytoCastle says:

    Someone get this man some water! He’s dying of first!

  20. Trollgaming Newbe says:

    who gives a damn 2nd bitchies

  21. Vikhyat Rawla says:

    1st view 1st comment

  22. у меня такой, шикарный аппарат за свои деньги

  23. Kevrekidis1667 says:

    Я недавно купил. Качество видео отличное 1280х720, 10х оптический зум, во время видео зум можно использовать, правда слышно звук механизма,
    14 мегапикселей, качество фотографий хорошее, для своей цены, искажения по краям фотографий – небольшие. Аккумулятор заряжается 3 часа 30 мин, хватает его на 2 часа записи видео, или 300 фотографий со вспышкой. К компу подключается без всяких драйверов, фотгорафии скидывать на комп легко, как с флешки.

  24. Kevrekidis1667 says:

    I bought this camera and I`m satisfied of my SONY Cyber shot H55
    This camera hasn`t any serious deficiencies, video is OK, photos are OK )

  25. darkaza666 says:

    When you full zoom in your already taken photos, doesn’t it look like not so sharp, like blurry? Cause I bougth that camera some days ago and most of them look good but when I zoom they all look blurry. Also, the display resolution in my camera is very poor, is that normal?

  26. MatadorUA says:

    Отличный фотик, а девушка фотогигиеничная, симпотна

  27. dilbirinity ynk says:

    Yes it zooms while you record a video!

  28. celpabedn says:

    Yues it can just look at zoom sony h55 videos!

  29. celpabedn says:

    što je mala slatka,,,,

  30. axmanovec says:

    Can it zoom in while it takeing video?

  31. ggandacicaa says:

    DeepCentral – Russian Girl

  32. victorlikhachev says:

    я приобрел недавно 🙂 впринципе доволен хотя фотографии на уровне фотика за 5-7, но видео супер

  33. Андрей К. says:

    полюбому мне бесплатно в деревню не доставите 🙂
    (говорите что по Москве или в городах где есть этот магазин)

  34. dilbirinity ynk says:

    anyone knows the bacground song name?

  35. хорошая штука.

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