Sony HX20V Digitally Digested

Sony HX30V full review: Get your Sony HX20V at Amazon today:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here’s a quick unboxing of the new Sony DSC-HX30V digital compact camera. I’ve got a full review coming in day or two and I’ll show you samples of the image …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. samilinno says:

    I’m told the Miniature Effect doesn’t work in videos. Is this true? Thanks.

  2. dishfun99 says:

    good review, thanks:)

  3. TheMetalmachine467 says:

    From amazon you can get 2 batteries with a wall charger for 28.00 us and the batteries are quality and last as long as the sony battery

  4. I wish I bought this camera. The price of this Sony Cybershot DSC HX20V is still high. This camera is at it’s cheapest 279€uro here in Europe. I bought the Nikon Coolpix S9300 which costs 185€uro. Maybe it’s not that great as a Cybershot DSC HX20V it’s still a camera which is the most bang for your buck.

  5. Yes brand new, harvey norman dont sell 2nd hand or used products

  6. Marius Verbavicius says:

    not new?

  7. Just bought this camera for $174 from Harvey Norman

  8. sTeVie4TV says:

    Best review of the camera.

  9. Joshua Nesbitt says:

    Please could you tell me how does the battery perform for video as intend to use this as a camcorder as well as stills
    many thanks!

  10. Srdjan Janjic says:

    Where did you buy it?

  11. Surprisingly this camera is cheaper here in Australia @$230. I’m buying 2 of these for my folks that are holidaying soon. Thanks for the review mate.

  12. AngelitosWeb says:

    Seems like the F800EXR takes better pictures, I have the HX20V as well but I like it alot due to it’s great video quality. I couldn’t go with the F800EXR due to its video quality which is has poor focus and image stabilization only seems to work for taking pictures and not video.

  13. RBProductions815 says:

    I am stuck between this and the fujifilm f800exr…I just bought the sony and i have 15 days to return it so any suggestion on which is a better camera is greatly appreciated! thanks! Little more info: I am mostly taking pictures of wildlife and landscapes maybe some portraits. video quality isnt a huge factor

  14. barbrett714 says:

    Great video. I don’t know much about cameras, but I am interested in getting great pictures. I recently purchased both the HX20V and the NEX F3, and I am trying to decide which one I should keep. I have to play around with them both, but I was hoping you could suggest what will give me the best results. How do the 2 compare? (aside from the obvious size and price difference) Thanks!

  15. AngelitosWeb says:

    I just got mine from Best Buy as an open box item for $239.99, Best Buy had about 6 that were open box/returned, After un-boxing it I noticed it was made in China. Had I read the box on the side I would have seen where the camera, battery, charger were made. But Best Buy allowed me to go look for other open box cameras and switch it to one made from Japan. If you want it made in Japan just look on the box’s left hand side to see where it was made. Here’s a sample video I shot v=KAxB_x0a_ns

  16. keys4players says:

    Also can u compare this to a Canon SX150 IS???

  17. keys4players says:

    is it still being sell and how much ???

  18. ryanspianoaccount says:

    Hi , I recently spoke with your regarding how the HX20v compares with image quality of your S3 and my note 2 and sure enough it blows them away. I returned my 1st HX20v because the clicking wheel and was very slack,the next one I got was perfect, I read up on this at the time and found a few people had mentioned it and said my camer must have been made in China but both had been made in Japan . my 2nd camera is perfect so If I was you I would exchange because will just get worse I think

  19. greatshaman2360 says:

    Hi. Just bought an HX20V. The menu jogwheel makes a funny clicky, something-is-loose sound. Is it normal? Thanks.

  20. dguiuigfb says:

    Hey there I have this kind of cam and i’am curious if the lens it has is can be replaced to macro lenses? or if it has a compatible macro lenses for this? Just like the lens of some DSLR? I want to suit this a 55mm macro lens if it can.. 🙂 thank you.

  21. urbrainwashed2 says:

    I found that if you choose “soft snap” in the scene selection, the white balance in video is consistant. took me a while to figure that out

  22. ricekrispyplayer says:

    how would this camera do in a concert with lots of bass?

  23. Loved your review, seriously considering this as an option. Primarily looking to use this as a Dad to shoot stills and videos of my daughters’ gymnastics meets and concerts, which require zoom and are often in low light. Also like to take cityscape night shots and portraits while traveling to New York. Do you think this camera will do the trick?

  24. BEHEDETY says:

    I searching a good compact digital camera for makes good videos in concerts and other stuff, worth it for the price, nothing professional !!!

  25. should i go for this one or olympus tg-1? i’m not an adventuro buy?
    er or something like that but i really liked the video clarity of it. So which one to buy?

  26. VirtuThe3rdTV says:

    Nice video! Thanks for the sharing. I’m looking forword your new videos!! Keep up great work.
    From Japan. Kota

  27. ryanspianoaccount says:

    Thanks again. What you say makes perfect sense and Sony are always bad for crazy price range on release of a new product. Think I will have to buy the hx20v again as love the colours and clarity it brings to both picture and video. Obviously pictures have the problem when you crop them after taken slightly smudging but don’t think any camera is without faults and you got a lot for your money with this Sony

  28. ryanspianoaccount says:

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I have a voucher for certain store and must buy from that store, currently selling at £269 which is quite costly but considering you’re getting a decent camera and camcorder quality its maybe still worth. Had a look back and looks like hx20v never released til late May June so can’t see being able to wait until then. Have seen the wx100 but know it will not perform anywhere near as good. Thanks again

  29. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    When the new one comes out, there will be a price premium – that’s what Sony do. Eventually it will drop, but if you get it when it comes out you’re going to be paying a lot more for what may be only a little bit better quality.

    If you compare the HX9V with the HX20V/HX30V, the newer one is better, but you’d only ever know by showing the two videos side by side. It does depend on what you need it for, but honestly, the HX20V is great.

    When the price drops I may get another as a ‘B’ camera.

  30. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    My personal view – and I’ve done this before now – is to jump on the older model (the HX20V) as soon as the price drops because of the new model. This model is a great camera. It will still be a great camera when a new one comes out.

    But for pure value for money, you normally get a great deal when they’re selling off the old stock, ready for the new one. I would keep an eye on DigitalRev prices and as soon as they plummet, I’d get one.

  31. ryanspianoaccount says:

    Sorry I meant to say the hx40v or whatever they will call this year’s model. I know panasonic are releasing the tz40 next month which looks good but panasonic have lost ground on Sony in the last few years in my opinion anyway. The panasonic tz7 was my last panasonic I owned and was a great compact but since then it’s been downhill for them, tz7 had the best quality microphones in any particular
    Compact I have tried and then they brought out newer models with terrible mic systems

  32. ryanspianoaccount says:

    Hi, i need your expert advice once again. I mentioned to you last month I had a faulty hx20v which I returned. I am very tempted to buy it again this week as although I had few issues with video looking like it was dropping shutter speed issue I do really miss the camera and overall video performance and audio is incredible when I look back at my clips.Big Question is do I hold off until April/may and hope hx30v improves on video- picture quality maybe cropping will improve. Thanks in advance

  33. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    Thank you! I have more videos coming in the next few weeks so please keep watching.

  34. TheFrOzEnTaCo says:

    I just subscribed to you, I like you and your vids 😀

  35. vuurwerkTamersfoort says:

    Good better best unboxing! I think

  36. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    It’s a great camera and gives lovely results. I have several videos showing stills, including macros (superb) and several of my videos on Youtube have been shot entirely on automatic using this camera.

    There is a manual setting, so you can control the aperture, but it’s limited and awkward in my opinion. That said, I’ve found auto to be exceptionally accurate in most situations.

    If they bring out a DSC-HX40v I’ll be in the queue! I love this camera.

  37. Bec Bouchet says:

    Does it have aperture setting/s? How good/bad is it? Thx

  38. RODRIGOR300 says:


  39. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    How weird. For some reason Youtube is not always showing me comments that need answering. Anyway, I see that Alexandre was kind enough to answer you and it can indeed zoom while recording.

    There is a bit of a delay before it starts actually zooming, which I find annoying, but you can zoom.

  40. Alexandre Pita says:


  41. RODRIGOR300 says:

    Hi, can you zoom it while you record a video?

  42. MrAkihiros says:

    google hx30v vs, tz30. Sony is way ahead in specs and image quality, although the panny is much cheaper.

  43. GhostHawk76 says:


  44. Peter Smith says:

    Does this camera have color extract and background defocus?

  45. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    Personally, I use Transcend and Sandisk cards mainly. I’ve always found them fine, but there are lots of decent brands out there.

  46. Aram Hassan says:

    which memory card as good ?

  47. VERY disappointed with Sony….I bought this DSC HX 30V camera only to find out how POOR the HD Video recording is….my iPod Touch takes better video and this video was made with my iPod Touch. Look at my channel for 2 sample videos.


  48. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    Honestly, for that kind of use I’d bet you wouldn’t see much difference. I took some still shots with a cheap Agfa I got from Ads and when I compared them, at ‘normal’ sizes, you could hardly tell the difference compared to shots from a more expensive camera. I think those of us who love technology for its own sake sometimes ‘pixel peep’ way more than we need to. Most of the time, I’m resizing my photos smaller – I’m throwing pixels away! And full HD 1080p is only about 2 megapixels!

  49. Alan Marsh says:

    Appreciate your replies. They do look very close. I have an older FZ Panasonic which I’ve been very pleased with – but I am just an amateur. I’m looking for a more up-to-date, less bulky camera that’ll produce good results when viewed on our HDTV (don’t print them very often and rarely larger than 10 x 8). Both seem to fit the bill so I think it might come down to a coin toss!

  50. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    Silly me – you meant the TZ30 which is a camera, of course, not a Panasonic camcorder. I only ever used a Lumix once, about 3 years ago and I took it back. Wasn’t impressed with it back then, but I have no idea what the latest models are like. Modern stuff is all pretty much so good at that kind of price level. I’ve just read the specs of the TZ30 and it sounds like an almost exact match for the Sony.

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