SONY DSC-HX9V Driving Movie in cloudy evening

Settings 1920×1080(60p) 28Mbps Manual mode(ISO200,F3.3)
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. VeryNicePersonPL says:

    I want to buy DSC-HX9V, but I can’t find anywhere if it has both 1080p50 and 1080p60 video recording. Is it possible to switch between those standards in the camera menu? Or for PAL countries it is just 50p and for NTSC countries it’s 60p and it can’t be switched?

  2. minkara72vision says:


  3. teamkabaya says:


  4. this is in japan xD

  5. minkara72vision says:


  6. I’ve been trying to figure out the Manual ISO and aperture settings, but can’t seem to understand or find a good explanation for how you change those settings in M.

  7. What Autofocus setting did you use for this video to keep everything sharp through the whole ride, or video?

  8. i have this camera but can’t seem to upload 60p videos to my computer. just wondering what software do you use? thanks

  9. Ken O'Neill says:

    Just ordered mine 20 minutes ago, the best compact camera in the world today and future proofed for years I reckon.

  10. Ken O'Neill says:

    I read other reviews and they raved about the audio recording quality with this camera at live concerts, bass reproduction was particularly good apparently.

  11. Since I normally just upload the original file, sorry I don’t know.

  12. How did you upload it to look like this? Everytime I upload avchd to youtube it looks bad

  13. Paul Jason says:

    Oh i see..great camera..hoping to get one soon..

  14. teamkabaya says:

    In this video used a RAM mount.

  15. teamkabaya says:

    That is reflected in the windshield dashboard yelling.

  16. How did you mount the camera?

  17. Paul Jason says:

    why is there a black line in the middle of the screen? is that a shadow?

  18. Hemant Giri says:

    whats the difference between Sony HX7V vs Sony HX9V and does does both have to charge in camera ?

  19. teamkabaya says:

    It is the left lane traveling in Japan!
    The video is encoded and still pales in comparison with the original file.

  20. teamkabaya says:

    My car is the ColtPlus Ralliart.

  21. Dude! You’re driving on the wrong side of the road! The file download doesnt work. Is the quality the same on youtube as the original file? I guess it should be a bit different?

  22. this camera`s wild, HD 60fps + 3D + Panorama + 16x + Exmor R CMOS Sensors + Best image stabilization + HDR + Decent image quality + GPS + 10 fps + 9 AFP and more than that it`s a pocket camera, you can buy a small water-bag for this one and take it with you under the water 😉
    i`v just bought it from amazon for $350 and i can`t wait for the shipping 🙂

    the only poor thing in this camera`s you can only charge the battery with-in the camera,
    but you can buy a separated battery charger for it !

  23. Thanks for share.The HX7V and this are the better quality I see in a compact camera.

  24. teamkabaya says:

    That sound is of a different mount. The focus is fixed.

  25. lemmontree1 says:

    what is that sound? Sounds like a Geiger counter. Is it the auto focus?

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