Sony DSC-HX100 preview Track name: Disappointed (Vocal Mix) Written & Produced by Tom Pasanec aka Blacksoul Lyrics & Vocals by Nica Brooke Licensing: tom@bla…


  1. Alcyr Bolleta says:


  2. LEWIS4596 says:

    Hey i’m selling the HX100V camera for £140, message me if interested.

  3. XFiEntertainment says:

    that my friend is because of exchange rates of the currency

  4. alexfoks says:

    What handycam have you used to shoot this video?

  5. Tulua York says:

    cuanto tiempo puedo grabar en video, antes de que la camara se caliente?

  6. whats is the best memory for this camera ? i mean class 10 SDHC card vs. memory stick ? is that makes any difference in performance if i use class 10 sdhc over Memory Stick™ Duo / Memory Stick PRO Duo™(Mark2 only for movie) / Memory Stick PRO Duo™ High Speed ?

  7. rochelimit55555 says:

    I read dpreview, it said that the camera performs sluggishly if you change between modes and they said everything is perfect except this slow performance problem, which is very disappointing according to them. Is it that disappointing according to you? the performance?

  8. Lei Ong says:

    What is the use of TRACKING FOCUS? is it for movie mode or for still images??? and also ive heard that this camera has 9 AF points…..what are those,are they useful when taking videos? ,,,what is MAKRO? and what focusing mode did you use for these photos is it AF MODE?

  9. nabila22492 says:

    help me…i want to buy a cmera..either this cam or nikon p500

  10. Tanner Fox says:

    Does it have 1080p video recording

  11. krokodil191 says:

    hvala na videu..zanimalo bi me kakav je zvuk zatvarača (pod tim mislim da li zvuči ‘jeftino i plastično’ ili ‘profesionalno’ kao npr. kod dslr aparata)?

  12. CallTheDanceHall says:

    Are there available lens though?

  13. CallTheDanceHall says:

    I know I might sound stupid but is this camera ideal for professional shoots? I’m a starting fashion photographer and I was thinking of getting this rather than the usual slr’s. I’m just wondering whether this camera is more for leisure or for professional.

  14. zozocangaceiro says:

    If it doesn´t have a microphone, why it has a speacker near the flash??

  15. Javier Durán says:

    I know that is a stupid question, but how damm can i use the flash??, im new in photography and first time that use a camera like this, thanks

  16. Finally someone who knows how to do a proper review. Nice video and extremely helpful. Thanks

  17. JerseyShore117 says:

    Since it does not take UV Filters, doesn’t it get annoying when you get fingerprints, dust, e.t.c. on the lens?

  18. Victorkapz says:

    i hope you’re right, i just ordered this sucker, should be coming this week 🙂

  19. Zaur Aliyev says:

    Yes it takes

  20. TomZentra says:

    The HX100V is the most popular bridge camera right now. There is no lens to change. You can’t go wrong buying this camera. They are in short supply.

  21. Victorkapz says:

    Is this a great camera for someone who doesn’t want to fiddle around with changing lenses with a DSLR camera?

  22. Gian-Carlo Torres says:

    Nice camera…

  23. moadblue says:

    @usporedi, hi, which camera is better, this or the Canon PowerShot SX210 IS, concerning the image quality?

    I couldn’t decide what to get!!!!

    please reply,

  24. TomZentra says:

    Yes, both B&W and sepia

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