Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Review

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. MultiCloney says:

    4:59 insanely good photo !

  2. MultiCloney says:

    any news on the next update to this model ? cos im planning to buy one now and i wish sony doesnt release the next model to this anytime soon..atleast for a year !!

  3. TheSokar80 says:

    This best camera what i ever had in 10 year

    All my video at 2013 filmed Sony RX100

  4. Luís Felipe Guimarães says:

    Leon o/ 4:25

  5. Aj Shay says:

    Is this and the Sony hx30v pretty similar? I don’t want to spend 600+ dollars. I saw both your reviews and I noticed that the rx100 is superior. But I are the two actually quite similar?

  6. ThatOneTommy says:

    It takes 6 photos and stitches them together to be ultra sharp with very vibrant colors.

  7. bluebiru143 says:

    sony memory card sucks

  8. VirtuThe3rdTV says:

    Nice video! Thanks for the sharing this.
    I’m looking forword your new videos!!
    Keep up great work. : ) From Japan.
    Kota Adachi

  9. Madina Negmatova says:

    u said you can take 6 pics at a time and make it do you do that?

  10. pucupucubumbum says:

    30mbps for 1080p at 60fps is really low. thats one of the reasons that the video is kinda meh. (i google the bitrate for this camera)

  11. ashatron656 says:

    He says it’s not the best at video in its category? What’s better for video?

    The hx20v was the best compact for video, and this camera has almost identical video performance.

    Good review but his video performance comments are wrong.

  12. MattimusHD says:

    He lives in austrailia?

  13. MattimusHD says:

    This is an amazing camera and wish I could afford it!

  14. encaissez says:

    Thanks, excellent review!

  15. Rishabh Somani says:

    Was that girl in some pics Anushka?

  16. Ryomai1990 says:

    Man RELAX… It looks like you only got 9 minutes with this camera before the world goes down. Talk slower 🙂 Many foreigners like me have a hard time to follow you.. But very good review, thank you.

  17. Phil4satisfaction says:

    Definitely the RX100. The funktions of the Galaxy camera are nice but the picture quality could be compared to a very cheap camera. If you already have a smartphone go with the RX100. Its like a mini DSLR.

  18. mileister says:

    ojala mi ingles fuera mas bueno así entendería mas xD

  19. Tony Juncaj says:

    You are so stupid, your stupidity amazes me. Leave bro just leave and remove this comment.

  20. Lucas Section Hub says:

    Galaxy Camera or RX100?

  21. StigTube06 says:

    You salute a camera? Disrespectful fucking negro

  22. Akabari100 says:

    He lives in St. Louis, US

  23. knicksboy100 says:

    do you live in australia

  24. heylliott says:

    one of the best review i saw on YT ! Great shots too 😉
    You made me buy this beast

  25. XxHardcorexxGamerxX says:

    extra fine. just like i like my women!!

    I thought you were married??

    Women or Woman???


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