Sony Cyber-shot HX50V test

A short clip taken with the active stabilisation mode (50p, AVCHD) on the HX50V. Testing out the optical zoom.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Get your HX50V from today through the link below:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. says:

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  2. Alexandr Shevtsov says:

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  4. Alexandr Shevtsov says:

    С таким же зумом?)))

  5. jopiebroek68 says:


  6. sugminbajstolle says:

    The quality is far far away from the scenes in the official release movie…

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  8. 0:43 Just when she thought it was safe to scratch her fanny….

  9. iFilmSuperCars says:

    Is it worth the premium over the HX20V?

  10. nah ur settings are not good or the camera doesnt take good videos

  11. Вадим Человекообразный says:


  12. nice – would be nice to see more videos and stills out of the new HX50V – and your input on how it compares with competitors

  13. fishycomics says:

    thank you. Focus hunt with zoom, at 24 secs. video is BRIGHT, awesome job

  14. chookooleeiit says:

    Is it better or worth upgrade than hx20v? Thanks! 🙂

  15. playstation2bigs says:

    that camera made in china ?

  16. No RAW. Not happy with Sony on the HX50v was expecting menu system like my RX100 and functions No cigar – very trimmed down – like ISO, cannot set ISO max/min for example. I am impressed with IS at full zoom. So the only thing I like about it is the 30x and video fine. Unlike say Olympus on their XZ-2 have same menu as OMD-5. for $100 less Sony is creating a new menu system to take away functionality like no RAW and adjustable ISO max – do not like the menu – no quick access except for 1 item

  17. lambogt1234 says:

    Great..thanks soo much!!! Great explanation!!!

  18. Have the RX100 and NEX5n and 7 and Fuji X-20 – HX50v on order – If you plan to shoot in good light go with the HX50v for the zoom – else RX100 – RX100 is awesome and even digital zoom to 10x gives good IQ you will also enjoy fast lens of RX100 at 1.8 Fuji X20 zoom is lot less and it is bigger, beautiful camera but not as portable and so are the NEX bodies both RX100 and HX50v will have very nice video. So matter of light vs zoom if 3.7x to 10x is ok then RX100 best else need zoom then HX50

  19. Nice review as always – waiting on my B&H order – should get in few days. Do have the RX100 and NEX5n & NEX7 – so excited about the 30X – wish of course it had a larger sensor. But what I am really surprised about is NO RAW. I always shoot in raw and think that smaller sensor and slow lens zoomed needs RAW to help clarity & exposure. So very disappointing – but getting it anyway. Lens relatively slow Lumix has a 50x with 2.8 – at $450, would pay few more for Zeiss lens like the RX100 and RAW

  20. lambogt1234 says:

    RX100, DSC-HX50V, NEX F3, or Fujifilm X-20.
    I am going on a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Island over the summer and I want to bring a good and portable camera. I am not that advanced in the camera game but I know some things. I am looking for a camera that is good at taking a picture of animals, landscapes and all of that stuff. Which one do you think would be the best??

  21. Thanks, however do you recommend anything better than this, i might add that i want something with amazing pictures a lot of options and definitely WiFi and GPS.

  22. fishycomics says:

    As each model builds with more features and functions, yet does it have
    time lapse feature. the video pic efx, is interesting notes we want to hear?

  23. ThatBulgarian says:

    🙂 I dont expect dslr results…i have the hx30v and im wondering if i should upgrade and that manual video feature is the biggest reason to upgrade ( for me at least 🙂 )

  24. TheDigitalDigest says:

    Thanks and good question. I will address this in my next update. Thus far, the camera seems excellent as long as you don’t expect DSLR results like that of the RX100.

  25. TheDigitalDigest says:

    Everything seems ok on my end. Where did you run into problems? I allow my content to be broadcast everywhere, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

  26. TheDigitalDigest says:

    Thanks for the kind words. The HX50V is the better camera.

  27. TheDigitalDigest says:

    That will be part of the full review. Thanks for watching!

  28. Hello great channel, i just wanted to ask you which one is better to buy :
    1- Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50V OR
    2- Canon PowerShot SX280 HS

  29. Awesome Ed. Thank you for this. Was wondering if you know or could test to see if this camera will do miniature video. I know it does it for stills, but this is for my kid who is really intrigued by the tilt-n-shoot type of videos that are out there and would like to have that. The Canon SX280 does have that feature, but we’re leaning more towards the HX50V and that would be a nice plus. Thanks again.

  30. Barry Kornfeld says:

    For some reason this video won’t stream.

  31. ThatBulgarian says:

    Great review as always 🙂 Heres a question for the review…do you have any manual control in while shooting video?

  32. TheDigitalDigest says:

    From just about every angle this seems to be a great upgrade for you (especially when it comes to audio…). As you know, I will put it through the paces.

  33. Def would love this camera. I got the hx9V but the mics are a bit lacking for concerts (which is what I use it for). I assume this Better in that regard and has the external mic capability

  34. TheDigitalDigest says:

    I agree however that feature is likely reserved for the RX100 successor. This camera isn’t perfect, but it is one of the most balanced travel pocket cams with regard to features and control. Major progress here for those who aren’t picky about sensor size.

  35. i would’ve liked a control ring

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