Sony Cyber-shot HX300 packs long lens If you like the idea of walking around with a small telescope attached to a camera, the HX300 isn’t a bad way to go.
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  1. A signing monkey would be an improvement over that fat robotic woman they had before. ´╗┐ quit your bitching

  2. MrRandomname1011 says:

    that zoom is ridiculous ­čśŤ ´╗┐

  3. igeekone says:

    Did he find this´╗┐ in a thrift shop?

  4. Shubham Thakkar says:

    Should be a long´╗┐ review!

  5. oatwhisk says:

    i’d rather buy compact camera that have manual mode & zoom than´╗┐ this…

  6. 500´╗┐ bucks

  7. uranglintau says:

    wow.. 1200´╗┐ mm is wow

  8. utubewatchinhesk says:

    a´╗┐ years worth.

  9. wondertwins2222 says:

    yay´╗┐ i have it, great camera

  10. Cory Thayer says:


  11. Steve Matchett says:

    I want´╗┐ a 1200mm lens for my DSLR ­čÖü

  12. Damian Szczepara says:

    the guy looks a little like macklemore´╗┐

  13. greendayMan123 says:

    why´╗┐ is macklemore reviewing cameras?

  14. Benjam├şn Valenzuela says:

    I love having a mega-zoom camera,´╗┐ i only have a 20x zoom compact canon but i love it!

  15. Vasco Breitenfeld says:


  16. bob marley says:


  17. Daniel Baum says:

    Congratulations´╗┐ mate.

  18. harry parry says:


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