Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W690 16.1 MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom and 3.0-inch LCD (Black) (2012 Model)


  1. The Draconic Nabokovian says:
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    Pretty good for what it is, June 10, 2012

    I just spent the day trying out this camera as the backup to my Canon SX40 and as a potential toss in the pocket and go/social outing camera. I’ve owned several Sony Cybershots before and in general, they tend to be a great outdoor picture camera and very poor indoors and in low lighting. After reviewing the day’s photos, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

    1. First, let’s state the obvious. There’s no comparing this quality-wise to the Canon SX40 and nor should there be. This is a budget compact point and shoot, whereas the SX40 is a bridge camera, frankly the best camera I’ve ever owned. That said, the quality is pretty good for its price range from first impressions (I took 43 photos in a variety of conditions, angles and zoom levels. 30 of the 43 I felt good enough quality to upload to my Japan photoblog on Facebook – a pretty good ratio, considering several of the pictures were duplicate efforts at the same shot).

    2. In particular, this camera’s indoor and low-light shooting ability is vastly improved over, oh, pretty much every Cybershot I’ve ever owned in the past. Canon will still, in general, outperform Sony in those two categories, but in my mind, this one’s a major leap forward for the Sony Cybershot line.

    3. It’s perfect for just throwing in my pocket and traipsing around. No need to carry the camera bag like with the SX40. So for that reason and the increased indoor/low-light ability, I’m thinking it will work just fine for going out with friends and all that sort of thing.

    4. The 10x zoom isn’t going to be easy to find in the sub-$200 range, and that’s quite honestly probably the biggest reason I got this as my backup camera. I just wanted a cheap camera that took decent pictures and had at least an 8x zoom. It fits the bill terrifically there.

    5. The image stabilization on this camera is *very* good for the price range, in my opinion. I tend to have shaky hands and only two or three pictures came out with significant blur.

    Since I’ve listed the pros, let’s go to the cons:

    1. The single biggest con – THIS IS A VERY SLOW PROCESSING TIME CAMERA. So if you’re the sort who likes to get lots of shots off at once, avoid this camera. I found it a touch annoying, but since I tend to like to take time to set up my shots anyway, it didn’t irritate me quite as much as it might some people.

    2. For people with large hands like mine, the buttons/etc. can feel somewhat crowded and it may take pressing a second or third time when pushing the on/off button to get it to turn off.

    3. If you’re used to something like the SX40’s 35x zoom, the 10x zoom will be something of an adjustment period and a culture shock. So to be quite honest, if zoom power is a big deal to you, as it is for me, rather than get this camera, I would save up and get the Canon SX40.

    Overall Verdict:

    If you’re on a budget and either can’t afford or don’t want to spend $200+ on a camera, or if you’re looking for a low-end point and shoot compact you can just stick in your pocket and not have to haul around your primary camera, this is a good camera to get. It offers a nice all-around game of image quality, stabilization feature, and a decent for the money zoom in a compact, portable package. Be sure that you can live with the slow processing time, though. As part of that, do keep in mind that in this range no camera is going to be perfect. Every one you find for this price ballpark is going to have some drawback to deal with.

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  2. Harris M. "NYC-NY" says:
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    Fine camera for the average picture-taker like me…, June 27, 2012

    I just came back from a six week trip to Eastern Europe. I had with me a Sony SteadyShot DSC-T100. Four weeks ago, in Krakow, Poland, the SteadyShot suddenly died after three years of fairly rugged use. I went to an electronics store in Krakow and, not having ready access to the Internet, decided to take a chance on the W690, which looked similar to the now-deceased SteadyShot in design and functionality (if you’ve ever bought an electronic gadget in Europe you know that you simply have to swallow hard and do it since the 23% VAT adds, well, 23% to the price, which even when you have it refunded at the airport, is eaten up by the processing fee).

    But I digress. I fell in love with this camera. I am a basic point-and-shoot picture taker. I am sitting with both cameras in front of me as I write this review. The 690 is half the weight of the T100, which wasn’t all that heavy to begin with, and half as slim as the T100, which wasn’t exactly a “pocket pig.” The zoom was extraordinary and the functionality, including basic video, panorama-picture and just plain easy handling was great for a traveler who wants to take a nice shot now and then. The shot-framing was straightforward. The low-light quality of the pics was quite fine. I tried the panorama-shot feature for the first time standing on Castle Hill in Vilnius, Lithuania and was very pleasantly surprised at the ease of the feature and the spectacular shot of the Baroque old town that I now have. The camera indulged my occasional attempts to get “artsy” with different focus, lighting and framing.

    I uploaded 500 or so shots to the PC last night and the quality of the pictures is exactly what I had hoped for. If you are a point-and-shooter like me who just wants to take good pictures this camera will be an excellent choice.

    Now I only have to pick out the 25 shots that my friends and family will be willing to look at.

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  3. Steeler Fan says:
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    Disappointed and returned, September 16, 2012
    Steeler Fan (Pittsburgh, PA USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I dropped my old Sony camera and it wouldn’t power up. After owning two Sony digital cameras and two Sony camcorders over the years I hoped the DSC W690 would be just as likeable as a replacement. It was not. To play back a photo to view it immediately would show “Accessing” on the screen first for several seconds. This is annoying and my prior cameras did not do this. Using in autofocus mode for anything moving was also a problem. By the time the shutter snapped, the subject was gone or out of focus. We are talking a person processing by at a wedding, not a race car flying by. I returned the camera for a refund and got a Panasonic Lumix SZ7 that we are very happy with. Sorry, Sony. I tried to be faithful.

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