Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V ZOOM my test

just got my self a new toy, first time trying….. Best Camera i have ever had, love it:))))


  1. 13ruskie says:

    Thank you:)) it was my first time using this camera:)

  2. Sinistare says:

    Hi. Nice job capturing that bird on video. He was pretty far away.

  3. GamePlayTheGame says:

    ok thanks

  4. no you can’t change the lens, it has 30X optical & 60X clear image zoom:))

  5. GamePlayTheGame says:

    Thanks, thats nice. And what is with the camera objective, can you switch it?

  6. you can take a photo when you r filming:)

  7. GamePlayTheGame says:

    Can you switch the objective and can you make a foto in a video like the DSC-HX20V?

  8. Stephen Mortimer says:

    If I was your Mr Mister I would worry about such enthusiasm !!

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