SONY CYBER SHOT H200 FULL REVIEW !! Please use this link to Buy this item here for the lowest price !! Thank me later (:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. TheCheerBarbiexo says:

    Does this have manual focus? Also does the Nikon l280 have manual focus?

  2. Ana Valido says:

    this is not a dslr

  3. Roma Hameed says:

    Hey! thanks for the video! it really helped 🙂 i actually was just wondering that I am confused between this camera and the canon sx500 ( the newest one, small one ) I mean I love picture quality and color, also like zoom etc.I mean for video like a nice one too, so please let me know which one you think is a better option for me, Thanks! :)

  4. mikaela pappa says:

    It says panorama not paranoma….

  5. NaiReEimaiKyprios says:

    That means that SONY H200 is not good for video? or just NIKON is better?

  6. lakersrock64 says:

    does it auto focus

  7. Bruce Lee says:

    Hi, yes you can record video easy. It will be great for reviews.

  8. Saurabh Sundariyal says:

    hi can i record videos through this camera like a camcorder or just click photos? i want to make review videos or my channel on youtube is it enough?

  9. Dunsten Roy says:

    danx fa ur video….

  10. Bruce Lee says:

    Video = Nikon Coolpix l820
    Photo = Sony H200

    What are you looking for more ?

  11. kartikay sinha says:

    i am confused between this one and the nikon coolpix L820. pls help me on this.

  12. Bruce Lee says:

    Hey everyone I just made a blog about this camera trying to answer some questions you guys had ! The link is in Description.

  13. anh pham nguyen says:

    200 usd for this, i love it, except the battery

  14. Ajayraaj Kumar says:

    it Is,,,, Very helpfull for me,,,, Thanx For Your valueable information

  15. solosaroman says:

    i phone 5,o my god,ho buys that shit any more

  16. josegruiz80 says:

    is the picture quality and video quality that bad? How bad are the pictures in low light compare to similar camaras? I am thinking in buying this camera but can’t decided base on the reviews.

    Thank you,

  17. preet kaur says:

    Hi, can you please provide some more details on the functionality like taking videos, panormal close picss of it

  18. Bruce Lee says:

    The batteries they give is regular batteries and does not last long at all, but you can always buy rechargeable ones 🙂

  19. 25exploder says:

    I think youre the only one who did a hands on review. the last one i saw was a guy who took a picture of his hand on it

  20. Katie Sims says:

    Oh wait, it does…

  21. Katie Sims says:

    Does it come with the strap?

  22. raj heart says:

    thanks for uploading this vid/review its very helpful.. but i have a question regarding the batteries.. are they regular battery or a rechargeable? 🙂

  23. Bruce Lee says:

    That is very true But having a CMOS Sensor and not being a DSLR isn’t much of an advantage. You cant change lens and have a large choice of lens with different apertures..etc..

  24. Mel Nuno says:

    But the Nikon uses a CMOS sensor while Sony has a CCD sensor, isn’t Nikon better because of that? Also, for the sensor size wouldn’t having that many pixels be useless?

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