Samsung WB5000 Digital Camera

Samsung WB5000 Digital Camera -DSLR-like Design -12.5 Mega Pixels -Schneider Lens, 24x optical zoom with a 26mm wide-angle focal length -Dual Image Stabiliza…

It’s a Samsung Digital Camera WB650. 24mm Ultra-wide Lens 15X Schneider KREUZNACH Super-zoom Lens GPS & Geo-tagging Map View Mode 12 Mega pixels 3.0 VGA AMOL…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. krash332 says:

    what do I buy now this is from 2 years ago

  2. en197455 says:

    Does this work for Mac

  3. Smart-Auto is a dumbed-down version of Intelligent-Auto.

  4. nadiazara says:

    smaller and lighter is a plus… and the quality is good as well… this is a good successor to the fantastic WB500

  5. mansion2648 says:

    yes. i’m using this camera for making video and photos

  6. winny5501 says:

    i think WB5000 is really good for taking vedio and taking photos both.

  7. zotya0527 says:

    tell me how long the battery lasts please…

  8. Niebi12 says:

    how much will it cost?

  9. Is better this or the WB550? Which you’d choose?

  10. ololavov says:

    does this camera take fast photos?

  11. sonofthedestroyer says:

    How good is the image stabilizer at full zoom?

  12. wholesaleelectronic says:

    why buy a camera to just take pictures when you can buy camera, camcorder, mp3, mp4 player, webcam, digital voice recorder and flash drive all in one!!? great for youtube for easy uploads as well
    its the latest technology and at the best price.
    take a look at my video presentation for more info and how to get yours.

  13. seanLFCcoyne says:

    i LOVE my camera (samsung WB5000)

  14. botfilipe says:

    great review man..

  15. horate556 says:

    great bald guy

  16. catchingcold43 says:


  17. threecornpunch says:

    nicely done

  18. naomi190285 says:

    thx alot i loved the review!@

  19. boomboom2343 says:

    looks alot portable than dslr

  20. video quality’s even better

  21. ratesnow55 says:

    great work!

  22. 082606linsi says:

    manual control… that’s exactly wat i need !!!

  23. katelee235 says:

    love that its not as huge as dslr

  24. jeremy280379 says:

    the zoomed image’s so clear, im really impressed

  25. cupcakeMecrafty says:

    does it focus on its own while its filming?

  26. TroppusInc says:

    The camera is very nice except, it has a very slow startup time, and it’s a litte bit more heavy then some other cameras. And when you adjust some settings you need to browse a lot of option menus.

  27. RonaldMoD says:

    do you work out?

  28. thefuf99 says:

    where can i get one?? (canada)

  29. Cyrus99 says:

    wb550 is better in image quality, i got both

  30. which camera is better.. the samsung wb560, lumix TZ10 or cybershot hx5v?

  31. beaty713 says:

    I never know camera can support GPS & Geo-tagging and Map View Mode. That’s pretty interesting and it must be helpfull when i go for a travel.

  32. GarbageState says:

    if you don’t know where you are when you take pictures … i don’t know… gps gimmickry crap

  33. macanix says:

    @PokeemonGamez… Yup, I buy a £220 camera WITH GPS… so I can turn it off…. Pure Genius!
    You obviously DON’T understand the time difference between a cold start and a warm start on GPS satellite acquisition times do you? No?… thought not.
    If you did you wouldn’t have suggested a “sh1t-for-brains” solution like that now would you?
    Now get back to your homework and don’t come out of your room until you know what you’re talking about.

  34. PokeemonGamez says:

    you can turn the GPS off smartass

  35. 0713christina says:

    I bought this at $289 on line shop

  36. youtubister says:

    Yeah, he was, unlike you of course (rolls eyes)

  37. ninameetsmc says:

    how much this camera

  38. Ramy Mahmoud says:

    it just setting in wb650 I buy it from this but i go thought its settings and found 😉 and it also record in HD

  39. 1JjOoEe1 says:

    this guy made me laugh from boredom. he was sssooooo rubbish and thick, like a rigid board almost :/

  40. liangcc279 says:

    I like samsung digital camera and io have my own PL150…but there problem with samsung digital camera while taking video…during zoom out the voice cut off, this jus make me abit disapointed (:

  41. macanix says:

    When is anyone going to do a CRITICAL review? Tell us about the poor low light image quality, limited battery life (with the GPS drain) etc etc etc
    Why oh why, after watching these reviews, do I STILL have to go to the photographyblog website for a FULL, UNBIASED review?

  42. da4kinov says:

    Canon is a more time in the branch but I would bet the sony :I

  43. beaty713 says:

    yes! it’s awesome camera! i love it!

  44. ladyjjy says:

    this is awesome! and cooool~

  45. 仲勛 蔡 says:

    It’s a great camera!

  46. 0713christina says:

    i didnt know about that.. it’s great camera!

  47. PhilK1231 says:

    Less gay crap

  48. winny5501 says:

    i also saw the article b4. i made decision to buy this camera after i saw the article …

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