Samsung SL600 Digital Camera

The Samsung SL600 EC-SL600ZBPBUS Digital Camera has everything you need in one compact camera. With 12.2 megapixels the Samsung SL600 EC-SL600ZBPBUS Digital …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a review of new Samsung digital camera ES28. ES28’s special features are – 12.2 Mega pixels – 27mm 5x optical zoom lens – 2.5″ TFT LCD – DIS (Digital…
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. ssruprai says:

    Didn’t talk about quality of pictures taken.

  2. Syed Ali Jan says:

    its price is about 68$

  3. braduz100 says:

    can you record videos with this??

  4. winny5501 says:

    yes! this is samsung new digital camera! i also like the features.

  5. mansion2648 says:

    is this new camera? looks great! features are good,

  6. beaty713 says:

    looks nice camera. i might consider to buy my new camera.,.

  7. iSanta500 says:

    This seems to be a good camera as an entry model.

  8. alsonamesch says:

    How much is this camera?

  9. flashbaltgo says:

    awesome ! 

  10. MrBoristyler says:

    i want pink ! pink camera !!! yeah !!!!! 

  11. lauralndl391 says:

    cute camera :>

  12. onchicle123 says:

    smart album sounds great ! I always have trouble searching the pictures

  13. melissajuniper1 says:

    Looks cool

  14. TheWhitneyemma says:

    Pretty !

  15. rebeccaraise says:

    nice cameras 

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