Samsung PL210 Digital Camera — Product review

The Samsung PL210 Digital Camera may be small, but at just under 20mm thin this point and shoot camera packs loads of features and zooming power! With 10x optical zoom, the PL210 lets you get up close and personal with your subjects, allowing you to capture greater detail at a distance. Snap beautiful still 14.0MP photos and shoot stunning 720p HD video. The Samsung PL210 Digital Camera makes it easy to look like a pro with features like dual image stabilization and auto assist mode, proving great things do come in small packages.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

SAMSUNG ES60 DIGITAL CAMERA – 12.2 Megapixels & 3X Optical Zoom – Beauty Shot – Face Detection(AF/AE/AWB) – Self Portrait – Red-eye Fix – 2.5″ 230K Intelligent LCD – Movie Recording(VGA@30 fps/MJPEG) – Digital Image Stabilization(DIS)


  1. Iambloodcrazy123 says:

    How do you get rid of all the shitty noise/grain in 720p HD video mode..

  2. GamingWithMack says:

    I think the difference is only the colour haha

  3. karkrashinc says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for the video, but I have a question: Is the PL211 better than the PL210? And, is the video option good (on either)?

  4. Syngen Smith says:

    Video records the sound of the zoom mechanism and night pictures are not the best.

  5. Deciding between this and Canon Power Shot SX130 IS. Trying to find out what the delay is like between shots on this Samsung.

  6. nice camera ,handy..

  7. Gregersfitness says:

    Check My PL211 Video!

  8. Jaskaran Sandhu says:

    which camera is good to make video’s on youtube ? 1080 p

  9. but how much memory does the camera itself have?

  10. TheSourceCA says:

    It’s so you can store all of your digital images and video from the camera. If you go traveling it’s also a good idea to take some extra SD cards so you can take lots of digital memories.

  11. nice camera but the video could be a little better. Great price though too!

  12. PL210 is one camera that is easy to use and can give you a high quality pictures and videos. Its 3.0″ LCD provides for improved contrast and colour reproduction. Its smart filter is worth checking out with new addition such as Tilt & Shift Lens Effect adds a miniaturised look and new special effects include Soft Focus to soften colours and add an emotional feel as well as Half-Tone Dot to enhance images with a comic-book look.

  13. labellepianiste says:

    I am very happy with this camera ,Iit makes great video and sound as you can hear on my profile!

  14. Looks more pink than red -.-

  15. XxBryony1234xX says:

    Which is better, this or Fuji JX530 14mp camera?

  16. jessicataylorlps says:

    yes it is still available, try Argos or eBay

  17. ya. sounds great. i can see from the review.. still avaliable?

  18. i think this camera is pretty good for me..i’m satisfied with this.

  19. you cant trust anyone especially if their name is cherrycock7733

  20. lord esaga says:


    how about the price? are they the same?

  21. Awesomeone ify says:

    samsung st45 12.2 mp
    i just bought this camera today

    Pocket-sized Perfection

    * 12.2 Megapixels & 3x optical zoom
    * Movie Recording (SVGA/ MPEG4)
    * 2.7″ Intelligent LCD (230K)
    * Perfect Portrait System

    i think its better then both

  22. lord esaga says:


    the ES65 has 10MP but the es60 has 12.2 MP?
    what do you think sir does the pixels matter or ?

  23. Awesomeone ify says:


  24. lord esaga says:

    which is better? e65 or e 60? please pm me thanks im planning to buy this kind of camera..

  25. XxXMissTisdaleFanXxX says:

    i’ve had this camera since xmas and i didn’t know it could do that stuff, so i got it out and within the first minute of the vid it broke, =O so typical! why does it always happen to me??

  26. this is horrible when you used the video recording at night or even indoors. i bought it & it’s not much at video recording when the light is not at its best.

    as for the dis..
    i don’t agree with what you said. it doesn’t really give much of a difference even if you turn it on.

    with the price, i don’t have any MAJOR complaints… what you pay, is what you get
    *shrugs shoulder*

  27. jimobileworksatgmail says:

    12.2 mp for 100 dollars whats 2 complain ??

  28. I’ve used ES60 since last month, not i’m really satisfying with the features of this camera. Good!

  29. Fate Panlilio says:

    thanks for this. i am seriously considering buying one tomorrow….

  30. rip te sticker off it doesint leave a mark

  31. duuuude take off the sticker it looks waaaaaay cooler !
    and u plug it to the usb charger port and thats ir .. it charges

  32. TheZyngaOfficial says:

    i bought it its awsome!! for only 190 EURO

  33. Emmanuel Cezar says:

    it’s great as a still camera. as a DV recorder.. great during the day sucks ass at night. it has no infrared LED so the idea night time spying is kaput.

  34. Emmanuel Cezar says:

    data cable to usb adaptor or usb port. if you don’t have either you can buy a universal clip-on charger, pop out the battery and align the positive and negative terminals to their respective polarities.

  35. cardigans98 says:

    I bought this one a week ago, it really is a great cam although the beauty shot features takes too long to process.

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