Samsung NV7 OPS Digital Camera

Visit for an amazing point and shoot camera for newbies and pros alike! The Samsung NV7 OPS Digital Camera features a 7x optic…
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  1. Margaret Cain says:

    Found it very useful as all I use is the auto button. I need to remove te date & time on my photos but not getting anywhere. Well done Loga

  2. is this a good camera for a beginner in photography?

  3. letseewhathappens101 says:

    ha at 2:12 theres a camera in the cameras screen

  4. Kris Morrow says:

    Finally found it again to find out they dont carry it anymore. What was the price before?

  5. ufunnyguy911 says:

    Just ordered it!! can’t wait…..hey it’s a great camera until I get a XSi…I think it will be better than alot of the other P&S cameras……..

  6. JackNeedles says:

    I think they do have a 10 mega pixel. it’s called the nv 15.

  7. MetaCitizen says:

    “children mode”

  8. Barack Lasagna says:

    You guys should do a nice 10 or 8 mega pixel camera I want to buy one of those 😛

  9. man, seriously, stop playing with the hair, lol

  10. 1st!

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