Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8-Inch, Gold-Brown)


  1. Daisy S "Daisy S" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Detailed Review Of The Features of Tab 3 8.0 Tablet, July 9, 2013
    Daisy S “Daisy S” (Hot Springs, AR) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This tablet I have found to be superb and after owning several tablets in the past few years, this one is one of the best in my opinion. My goal here is to give you everyday and practical uses regarding this Tab 3 8.0 WiFi model. For everyday functions, I have found it to be excellent for everyday basic computer functions at home and on the road. Being thin and lightweight, it is much easier to travel with than my heavy laptop. Since I have used the Tab 2 line and very much enjoyed it, I was happy to see that the Tab 3 8.0 has 16GB Internal Storage for apps vs. just 8GB storage in the Tab 3 7.0 – so worth the extra amount in price. The superb improvements in this Tab 3 8.0 over the older Tab 2 7.0 are just fantastic with more internal RAM Memory and more internal storage (double) and this is just a couple of improvements as there are MANY improvements in the Tab 3 8.0 that has truly has given this tablet that WOW Factor.


    – Overall Speed, Performance, and Android OS:
    The processor has a faster 1.5 GHz processor, which I find much faster than my Tab 2 models. The memory is 1.5 GB Ram, and I could tell the superb performance right away. And the fact that this has 16GB Internal memory vs 8GB Internal memory on the Tab 2 7.0 (and also on Tab 3 7.0), is quite a difference because the installed apps go to the Internal memory, this means you can add more apps without worrying about running out of space.
    The Android OS is 4.2 and inside it has Samsung TouchWiz overlay which is beautiful and user friendly. In fact, if you have used a Samsung Galaxy device as S2, S3, S4 or other Galaxy type, you will love the OS and the Samsung TouchWiz interface on this. Perhaps you have never used Android OS or even a Samsung device? No worries, as this tablet is easy to learn in my opinion.

    – SCREEN SIZE IS JUST RIGHT SIZE – VERY CLEAR/SHARP SCREEN FOR READING eBooks or VIEWING WEBPAGES. (Screen in my opinion is large and has superb clarity/clearness for reading eBooks and webpages as the print is so readable as I find it VERY CLEAR/VIVID. This is a great in-between size tablet to use. And I found that the screen was large enough to read webpages easily or watch videos. The screen has a PPI (pixels per inch) of 189, which renders a crisp and clear screen. **There is a new selection under Settings and Display, under Font, an option to Increase legibility of fonts. I check marked this and noticed that the fonts/letters on the screen, internet and more are very crystal clear. Also, there is in Settings/Display – Screen Mode, with choices of Dynamic, Standard and Movie. And I selected Dynamic and found that the colors are super vivid and very colorful.

    – EXTERNAL SLOT FOR MICRO SD CARD – You can add a 64gb SD card for personal files, this is an upgrade from the 32gb in the Tab 2 line. For me, I placed a 32g in mine for music, files etc. Note that this was one of the deciding factors that sold me on this tablet. *Keep in mind where External SD cards are concerned: They are JUST for your personal files: music, videos, photos, and other files. When you install apps from the Playstore or other sources, they store either in INTERNAL SD Card area or the main internal area. This is the law of the land where Android is concerned and ALL newer Android devices (including Samsung) work this way where storing your downloaded apps are concerned.

    – WiFi Connecting/Speed of WiFi – Setting up WiFi and keeping a great signal and long distance WiFi strong signal is one superb feature on this tablet. So I compared the signal strength with the Tab 3 vs my regular Android phone. The Tab 3 had about 35% stronger signal then the phone. I believe it is because there is a very strong WiFi receiver in this tablet. At home or on the road, I am able to connect to many free WiFi hotspots very easily with great signal strength.

    – Internet/Watching Online Flash Videos: After I installed Adobe Archived Flash I can watch internet (flash) videos directly (including Amazon videos) directly from STOCK BROWSER. Because this is archived flash it does take a little longer to load flash videos. If you need instructions on how to do this, please ask in the comments and I will answer this or any questions.
    *Viewing of webpages in browsers on this tablet: Reading/viewing a webpage is OUTSTANDING using this tablet as the fonts, pictures and videos are very crisp and clear as well as the colors are very vivid.
    *There is a free app in Playstore called KeepScreen so you can watch an entire movie or long video without the tablet timing out (black screen). Ask in comments for more information…

    – Reading/Creating/Editing Word, Excel, Text Files and much more on this tablet: This comes with a OK app for reading Office documents, however, I prefer Kingsoft Office which is a free app from Playstore. It is the best I have ever tried and I am very picky about so called Office…

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I ditched my iPad Mini for a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and couldn’t be happier!, July 7, 2013
    Moar Cores (USA) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    So it’s been three days since I got my Galaxy Tab 3 8″ (my brother is a manager at BestBuy so I got it early if you are wondering) and before I start my review, I just want to say that I used to own an iPhone 5 but ditched it for a Galaxy S4 and now I’m ditching my iPad Mini for a Galaxy Tab 3 8″. I’ve literally had enough of Apple products and will not be buying their products any longer. I have become an Android fanboy and literally love all the products that Samsung makes.

    The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 has the same look and feel as the Galaxy S4 but it’s just bigger which I have no problems with. My brand new Galaxy Tab 3 8″ makes my iPad Mini look like a joke in everything that I have tested so far, from battery life, web browsing to 3D games etc. The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 comes with the latest version of Android which is Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) and it is liquid smooth. I haven’t experienced a single slow down so far and everything seems to open very quickly. It also has a very fast CPU (Mali 400) that runs at 1.5Ghz and handles 3D games like a champ. I have listed some things below that I love about the Tab 3 8.0.

    These are some of the things that I love about the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0:


    +Build Quality / Design:

    If you are familiar with Samsung’s devices and have no problems with their glossy plastic design, then you will love the design of Tab 3 8.0 as well. The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 has a nice thin bezel that’s thinner than its predecessor and also better looking as well. While my iPad mini was made of aluminum, Samsung continues to use the same glossy plastic with their devices and this isn’t a bad thing by any means because my Galaxy S4 is plastic as well and I absolutely love it. The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 is a bit taller than my iPad Mini but also a bit narrower and both of them are extremely light, around 310g.

    +Web Browsing:

    The web browsing experience is awesome on the Tab 3 8.0, everything looks sharp and loads quickly. I’m not using the stock browsing app because it lacks many features that I use on a daily basis but instead, I’m using Chrome and Dolphin Browser. I’m also not using the stock Samsung keyboard because it doesn’t have the swipe feature that I use quite a lot so I downloaded the official Google keyboard from the Play Store and I love it. I highly recommend you guys try the official Google Keyboard if you want a clean and slick keyboard that’s not cluttered with a lot of useless stuff.


    The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 is the perfect size for me because tablets that are usually 7 inches are too small (I have large hands btw) and tablets that are over 9 inches are sort of big and this makes the Tab 3 8.0 the sweet spot for me. The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 has a nice 8 inches screen that makes everything looks sharp with vivid colors when watching HD videos or playing games. The colors and viewing angles are fantastic, I have absolutely no complaints. The screen resolution and ppi is also much higher on the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (1280×800, 189ppi) than the iPad mini (1024×768, 162ppi) so this makes everything look sharper on the Tab 3 8.0. The iPad Mini has an aspect ratio of 4:3 while my Tab 3 8.0 has an aspect ratio of 16:10.

    +Android OS:

    It ships with the most up to date version of Android, Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) which is the fastest Android version yet. Everything is liquid smooth, from web browsing, watching HD videos, recording videos and playing intensive 3D games. Samsung has added many new features to TouchWiz which is great but I’m not really a fan of TouchWiz. I usually just disable all the things that I don’t use to improve the performance of the tablet and the battery life. I just wish Google would force all these manufactures to use stock Android OS instead of coming with pre-installed bloatware and whatnot that slows the tablet down and kills the battery life.


    The rear camera on the Tab 3 8.0 is 5MP (2592×1944 pixels) and the front camera is 1.3MP. It can only take 720p videos which is more than acceptable for me but it would have been better if it had an 8MP camera and took 1080p videos. My iPad mini was able to take 1080p videos @30fps and I just wish I had that option with the Tab 3 8.0. There’s nothing wrong with 720p and 5MP camera because it takes great pictures and videos and this is not really a deal breaker for me.


    The battery on the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 is 4450 mAh which is more than enough to last a full day (brightness turned down a bit) with a single charge if you watch YouTube videos, web browsing, picture taking or even watch HD movies for that matter. I can get through the day with a single charge and still have 10% left at the end of the day. My brightness is currently set at 40% and it’s perfectly visible both indoors and outdoors. The battery life is one of the most important aspects when…

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The BEST of Galaxy Tab 3 series., July 7, 2013
    rpv (California) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    There are too many tablets these days, right?! Samsung’s third generation of Galaxy Tab series is highly anticipated and for this price point phenomenal. I have been using Galaxy Tab 2 and I will compare and contrast here. I played around with review units of all sizes and I have since returned them. My reviews are unbiased and neutral! 7 and 8″ are ideal for plane trips, long journeys. I had used a 7″ Tablet on a long journey to listen to songs and read epub books (Aldiko) and it was a very pleasant experience. 7″ form factor is lightweight, compact and great. If you are a bit experienced and can afford it, I recommend the 8″. Samsung has made 8″ and 7″ almost same weight. In my opinion 8″ is the maximum value for the money and features and hence I gave 8″ a 5 star. I am personally getting the 8″ version. I gave 7″ a 4 star (but no means undermining it). I gave the 10″ also a 4 star because of some strange feature `limitations’.

    Samsung has introduced 7″, 8″ and 10.1″ of the Tab 3 series. They are entering all form factors. As I know they have something in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10″ lines. Woo.. All of the 7, 8, 10″ Galaxy Tabs come in white and golden brown color. My preference is white color. Looks pretty!

    Let’s start off with salient points of all of the Galaxy Tab 3 series. In previous version of Tab 2, there was simply no 8″ form factor. So I will compare with Note 8 later.

    7-inch tablet: 1024 x 600, Marvell dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB storage or ROM, a microSD card slot (upto 64 GB), Camera: 3MP rear-facing, 1.3MP front-facing and weighs 10.58 ounces (300 grams). Android 4.1.2

    8-inch model: 1280 x 800, Exynos 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1.5GB ram, 16GB of built-in storage (ROM), a microSD slot (upto 64 GB, 5MP rear-facing, 1.3MP front-facing and 10.9 ounce (309 grams) Android 4.2.

    10.1-inch model: 1280 x 800, Intel Atom 1.6GHz Z2560 dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, a 16GB built-in storage (ROM), a microSD slot, 3.2MP rear-facing, 1.3MP front-facing and weighs 17.99 oz (510 grams). Android 4.2

    I am not going into other details like accelerometer etc as they are all standard these days, Audio support – AAC, AMR, MP3, OGG, WMA/ASF, 3GA/M4A, FLAC, WAV; MP3/MP4/Music Tones; Music Player; Ringtones, Polyphonic. Video support: AVI/DIVX, WMV/ASF, FLV, MKV, MP4/3GP, WEBM; Video Player; Video Streaming. Software is current of release date, and it is expected could be upgraded as next version Android 5 Key Lime Pie. (Currently targeted for Oct 2013). Key Lime Pie’s one of the main touting points is compatibility to avoid fragmentation, so I can foresee, all of these models being able to upgrade if Google keeps their promise.

    The 8″ has a physical home button so are others in the series. Also has capacitive Back and Menu buttons. 64 GB SD card is awesome! With prices plummeting for 64 GB cards, it is a great boon. Put all your music, books, photos on the SD card and you have a powerful computer in hand always! I personally use the 64 GB microSD card on my mobile devices. Get this mobileUltra (SanDisk 64GB Mobile Ultra MicroSDXC Class 6 Memory Card with SD Adapter – Retail Packaging.

    Best thing about Tab 3 8.0 is how holdable it is. It’s narrower than the Galaxy Note 8.0. But in every other way, including lightness, comfortable curves, and screen brightness, it feels the same. There is a $100 prices difference between Tab 3 7″ and Tab 3 8″. If that matters get a Tab 3 7in. Otherwise 8″ is more portable and lightweight compared to 10″. The Galaxy Note 2 as well as iPad Mini are same form factors as this one. There are other reasons to pick the 8-incher over the 7.0. The larger Tab 3 gets Android 4.2 instead of 4.1, 1280 x 800 resolution, twice as much (16GB) internal storage, and 1.5GB of RAM.

    The comparison with 8″ Note are: Note 8 is slightly heavier 338 grams compared to 309 grams of Tab 8. Each gram matters for long holding. From CPU processor perspective, Note has a Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9 Versus dual-core 1.5 GHz of Tab 2 8″. Resolution same on both 1280 x 800 pixels, 8.0 inches (~189 ppi pixel density). The Tab has – Dolby Surround sound enhancement, it does sound good! The Note has no such mention and I am sure does not have dolby enhancement. Note 8 has 2 GB RAM compared to 1.5 GB here. Both have Bluetooth 4.0″ and have USB Host capability. USB Host is one of the most under noticed features of Androids and is in my opinion one of the best features compared to iPad lines. What this means you get a USB Host cable also otherwise called OTG (On the Go) cables and plug in your USB thumb drive or other USB devices and the device recognizes it. I have used it with Alfa AWUS036H for a wireless project with Android PCAP Capture from reputable Kismet…

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  4. Rick Mallory Jr. says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    My Thoughts (Typed Using The Kindle Fire HD 8.9), November 22, 2012
    Rick Mallory Jr. (Colonial Heights, Virginia) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Let me start out by saying that I am new to the tablet world and have had no experience using any tablets prior to this purchase. That being said, I spent a great deal of time fishing around through reviews and specs of what seemed like countless tablets for months. The obvious cliche conclusion led to all fingers pointing at some variation of an iPad, yet for me, I do not see much sense in purchasing a tablet (regardless of brand) for around the same price as a cheap yet descent laptop that will have more potential.

    Enter the Kindle Fire HD.

    I will spare you the story on my process of how I ended up choosing a Fire HD and get right to what you all want to know: my thoughts and experience thus far with the product.

    Picture: (10/10)
    I will start with this since obviously that was the first thing i noticed. In a word, incredible. Now its not “eye popping” or anything out of this world, but i can honestly say it exceeded my expectations and i was (and continue to be) impressed by this piece of hardware’s capabilities. I tested out just a few minutes of TV shows, trailers, videos, and films from Prime Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Flixster, and Youtube (through the web browser since an app is currently unavailable) and everything looks as it should (and beautiful to boot)! Books come out crisp as well (both in text and picture) and the same goes for basic website visuals, apps, and games. Overall I am very impressed.

    Sound: (10/10)
    This is probably where i was most impressed. I have seen some of the reviews on here that are 3 stars or less putting down the audio or claiming they don’t hear the big deal. Not to be a jerk or anything but i recommend those people check in at an ear clinic and have their hearing tested. I was literally amazed at how I was hearing sounds from various distances and angles. From up close it felt like i was hearing a high quality home theater system and not just for one flick but everything. From website audio to music, Netflix to Audiobooks, this tablet sounds great!

    Book/Reading Features: (10/10)
    At first this was not my primary reason for purchasing a Fire HD, but after toying around with a few things, I am truly impressed at how well Amazon has integrated the ability to find, purchase, read, and even listen to literature. The lending library for Prime users is a nice added touch allowing you to borrow from a rather extensive list of books. Not to mention many timeless classics are available for free (such as Dracula, Gulliver’s Travels, Little Women, The Iliad, The Jungle Book and many more) and of those titles, many come with free audio! If you do not feel like spending the money on audio (or if your book has none available) the text-to-speech feature is surprisingly well done with minimal error. With all this being said, I can honestly say that I am excited to start reading again.

    Web Browsing: (8/10)
    The only reason I do not give this a 10 is because web browsing (with what is given out of the box) lacks Flash support which limits the capabilities. However, with a bit of research I was able to find forum discussions on how Fire HD users were able to work around this by downloading an app called ES File Explorer and then a separate browser called Dolphin that gives you Flash capabilities, so this is an easy fix that even a monkey could figure out how to do as long as they are patient. Though don’t get me wrong, Silk is fast and beautiful and i use it for the majority of my web surfing, but occasionally Flash is needed. As I am sure you have read by now in other reviews, the fact that the Fire HD does not automatically come with Flash support is not Amazon’s fault yet rather Adobe for pulling he plug on their involvement with tablets. Again, as long as your network is put together well, browsing the web is very fast and up to par with dare I say some computers.

    App Availability: (8/10)
    To me, this is the only area where the Fire HD lacks. I would rate lower here but I am trusting that over time and after updates, the lineup will have grown. Once more, with a bit of research you can find discussions on how to “sideload” apps from your computer and other devices, but that could be a bit too advanced for the average user. Though for what it is worth, the selection it does currently come with is top notch. Just to name a few, some important missing apps include: YouTube, Dropbox, and SiriusXM. Still, as far as I am concerned, this certainly is not a deal breaker and I am sure that as things progress access to these will become available.

    Look/Feel: (10/10)
    The 8.9″ model that I own and am currently reviewing was a lot lighter than I expected and it is true what they say ( it is just right to fit in one hand). Out of the box/pre-case the Fire HD looks great and is very thin, sleek, and dare I say…sexy? The only minor gripe I would have (that I noticed other…

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  5. Michael Gallagher says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent Value and Great Gadget, November 24, 2012
    Michael Gallagher (Houston, TX) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Originally published in November 2012, Updated January 19, 2013 after using this Fire for several months…

    As there appears to be mixed reviews of the 8.9′ Fires – ones with 4G access and those without – to clarify, this review is for the 8.9″ tablet with the 4G connectivity option.

    To get the iPad comparison out of the way, I put this tablet side-by-side to my iPad 2 I use for work. Downloads were slightly faster and the video screen resolution and the colors were more vibrant on the Fire vs. the iPad 2.

    Screen Display / Video Playback:

    With the larger HD screen, if playing video is important to you this is the version of the Fire to get as the screen display is fairly impressive with sharp and crisp colors. The display on this HD Fire was one heck of a lot better in terms of sharpness than last year’s model and even this year’s smaller HD model.

    Amazon also added a cool feature on this one with the HDMI micro connection port. I have an HDMI micro plug and was able to hook this up to the big screen to watch an episode of the science fiction series Defying Gravity. It played back great smoothly with no problems.

    Wi-Fi connectivity:

    My standard test for trying out new gadgets is to see how fast they run side-by-side with a known piece of equipment doing the same test at the best place of Wi-Fi in my house and the worst place where it drags. In this comparison, I had this 8.9″ version of the Fire sitting next to the “smaller” HD version of the Fire, my Motorola RAZR smartphone, my iPad 2 (yes, the Kindle guy uses an iPad for work), and the new 7″ Fire all just using a Wi-Fi connection vs. cellular connectivity..

    My website test is to hit the mobile websites of FoxNews, CNN, my personalized Yahoo page, Google, and the Houston Chronicle. The ones that were usually slow on the other devices and were still slow but faster than the other devices (Houston Chronicle and CNN), and for the other sites I couldn’t tell a difference in speed at the location closest to my router. When I went to the slowest / worst reception location of my house, the speed did have a noticeable difference in the other devices as this one was slightly faster but for a casual surfer it is not noticeable nor does it hang.

    Email Setup:

    Email setup was very easy with the included email app for my main Google account – it took about a minute to input my email address and password information and I was good to go: sending and receiving emails was a snap, and when I sent a test message with pictures they displayed crisply. I will tell you I primarily us an existing app called Enhanced Email that I received here on the Amazon app store for free vs. what came as standard with the Fire for daily use, and it was easy to use – actually better due to the larger screen size – with this version of the Fire. For those of you asking yourself why am I using the Enhanced Email program, the simple answer is like many of you I have more than one email account: you can quickly switch back and forth on the accounts with the tool. The lazy person in me appreciates that as I don’t like getting out of the lazy chair once I’m settled in!

    Game Play:

    I do play a lot of games, but they aren’t the heavy action / interactive games many of the kids play today. For my test, I tried out several rounds of Words with Friends and a Majong derivative. The display was crisp and the tablet was very responsive as it interacted over the WiFi network of my home to the game server.

    Sound / Music Playback

    Different than last year’s model and the $159 this year’s model, the two speakers are located in the back of the Kindle Fire in two not-noticeable ports. My test of this feature was cranking up Van Halen’s Panama to maximum volume (I wanted to see if it could really play the guitar licks), and I would alternate covering one speaker up over the other: you have true stereo sound with no degradation of the sound that makes you think you are about to blow the speaker. However, the sound is not very crisp (the $159 Fire sounds better to me) as the sound is going away from you with the speakers being in the back. With a cover on the Fire to protect it, that can be a problem. It’s going to take a little bit of getting used to having the volume controls at the top of the device.

    Reading Books:

    Reading a book was enjoyable and easy on the eyes with the larger screen: I appreciate being able to changing the default font to something else in addition to increasing the font size so I don’t have to wear my glasses. Turning pages is pretty darn easy – just tap the side of the screen to go to the next page or back a page, or you can swipe your finger across the screen to do the same.


    Bluetooth setup was very easy. I tested this with audio in my car as well as an external keyboard…

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  6. 6,872 of 7,164 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Not the Greatest Tablet, but a Good One, November 16, 2012
    D. Carlson

    I wasn’t really in the market for another tablet, but my girlfriend ended up getting one for me so she got me on this one. I would like to say that this tablet reminds me of the first Motorola Droid smartphone that came out several years back. The phone jam packed a ton of bells & whistles into its hardware and software to give a lot of bang for your buck. This is what it feels like amazon has done with the Kindle Fire 8.9. They have put a lot of advanced hardware and innovative software, so for the average user, specially someone who absorbs a lot of media, you get a lot for the price. But just because you get a lot for the price, doesn’t mean it is without its flaws. This is an updated version of my likes and dislikes, (my original analysis was a bit rushed, this is more detailed):


    Build Quality

    I like the build of this product, it has good material design and durability. It feels nice in your hands and comfortable to hold with easy access to buttons. Since this is only 8.9″ and not 10 or 11 inches, it is easier to grasp and hold in one hand with an overall good aesthetic look and feel to it.


    I have to say, the more I listen to it, the more I like the sound. The speakers are definitely a step up from the norm and probably one of its best features. They produce a full, rich, and very vibrant sound you can experience music and movies the way they were meant to be experienced. It is not a home theatre experience, but as close as one can get with a small device like this.


    The display is very nice. I’m not sure if it compares with the clarity of Super Amoled or Retina screens, but it comes close. High screen resolution is not special to the Kindle, lots of tablets now have high resolution screens, some higher. What this screen has that other tablets don’t is the anti-glare, which works well under sunlight and highly lit places, it’s not something that seems advantageous until you work with a screen that doesn’t have this.


    Kindle’s Wi-fi and Silk Browser make internet browsing fast. I did a comparison with a Samsung and Apple tablet, and noticed that the surfing was faster, it wasn’t a huge difference but it was noticeable. Streaming audio and video had a bigger and more noticeable difference, with the Kindle being very smooth, with fewer lags and dropped connections. This is key for me, I hate streaming content with pauses and breaks in loading, there is less of that in the Fire.

    Reading Experience

    In my opinion, this is Fire HD’s best feature, delivering a better reading experience than any tablet right now. This is no surprise as books are Amazon’s claim to fame and where they excel and have always excelled. I don’t know if you remember, but before Amazon was Amazon, they were the first online retailer for books. Before there was an iPad, there was the kindle. They have always been at the forefront of the book buying and reading experience, now especially digital books. I think I remember reading that the Kindle was the main reason Borders Bookstore went out of business, Borders said they just couldn’t keep up with or match Amazon’s delivery system.

    Now with this Fire HD, they offer even more advancements. With its X-ray for books, its ‘reading view’ that takes away messy images on a site leaving only text, `immersive’ reading that lets you play an audio book while reading, whispersync technology, and better optimization of text, other devices can’t match. Granted it doesn’t compare to digital ink like on the original Kindle for me did the best to mimic actual reading, but as far as tablets goes its better than what is out there. If you are getting a tablet primarily for reading, this is gonna be a good choice.

    Amazon Universe

    I have a love hate relationship with Amazon’s Universe of services. I don’t like how even though the Kindle HD uses Android, it is somewhat restricted. Also, they don’t have as many apps as google or apple. But taking everything else into account, movies, books, music, prime lending library, prime movies, amazon is better. The big drawback is you have to own a kindle to fully enjoy their universe, which means if you own a kindle, you are limited from using other company’s universe.

    Apps and other features

    All the apps work fine, they start and stop as they should, nothing to criticize or brag about. The touch screen is smooth and responds good, though nothing like iPad…hate to say it but iPad thumps everyone on that, their touch and scrolling is very fluid and just feels right. I don’t have kids so I can’t really comment on the parental controls but from other reviews seems like something to have if you have kids. Can access email and everything fine.


    When it comes to bringing together the right mix of original and developing technology in a tablet,…

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