Samsung Galaxy Note LTE vs Apple iPhone 4S

PhoneArena presents a brief comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE and Apple iPhone 4S. Storming onto the scene, the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE has proven itself as one captivating smartphone that’s very different from mostly everything else, but it’s going to take more than BIG talk to take away the iPhone’s grasp on the market, so let’s find out who these two titans in the smartphone world stack up against one another… For more details, check out our full comparison:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hands on video review comparing the Motorola Atrix 2 vs Apple iPhone 4S heads up. User Interface, Messaging, and Browser comparison


  1. quest8899 says:

    the iphone 4s is more the feminine phone

  2. makeitdude says:

    I like my iphone 4s

  3. BeMoGamer says:

    But the Iphone already is a box Lol 😀

  4. aarondevante895 says:

    been feeling the galaxy note lately, but on verizon

  5. DistantJ says:

    Two amazing devices.

  6. shockers60 says:

    Because your galaxy note is the N7000 and that one in the video is I717 it came out somewhere in January, so it’s new

  7. Leslie Erika Brito says:

    why is it that his note features differs from mine? It has four touch selection below while mine only had 2. sorry, this a humble question.

  8. xQUIPTx says:

    Ha a guy is complaining that dragging an app from the app drawer to the home page is too much work. That’s so lazy.

  9. desamania says:

    If I didn’t have an iphone I would have the Note!!! I’m no fanboy of anything, I got the iphone because I like it & it never gave me any problems. I’m impartial. People crack me up like Apple just forced them to by law to buy their products at one time or something. If you don’t like something just ignore it when you see it on the shelf, it’s not gonna affect on your life, geeeesh!!!

  10. gilmaster63 says:

    Hmm. I still like apple. Maybe it’s not the best right now, but I like it. I am not saying I hate android or windows phone (although I haven’t tried the windows phone). Some people say: “IT’S BETTER BECUASE OF THE BIGGER SCREENS”, maybe! but I don’t wanna carry a TV to make phone calls in a future.

  11. buddy39914 says:

    …and providing apple with 90% of the hardware for their products.

  12. buddy39914 says:

    Lol ignorant.

  13. theboss9ful says:

    this video was epic but i have question how to download movies to samsung galaxy note plz answer

  14. NXTurbo007 says:

    and if you like apple sure go ahead and I hope you will drop your iphone and it will smash into pieces

  15. NXTurbo007 says:

    they even ban the galaxy tabs

  16. smartmeohyeah123 says:

    Don’t worry dude, don’t listen to this queer @international1592, he’s all wrong, Samsung will dominate this year, NOW your silly “Apple” Company files a lawsuit against sales of GS3, aha. what a joke Apple, Scared of Samsung huh? :))

  17. MANNY81516 says:

    Lag if I were to download a page on an iPhone it will be old news it is very slow and I can’t see some YouTube videos on it and it doesn’t have flash player

  18. gabrielk44 says:

    Apple: Taking care of all the idiots in the world. And trust me, there are a lot.

  19. EEJyung105 says:

    rite now i have the note and it is awesome

  20. EEJyung105 says:

    i had a lot of smartphones. like the S2, Ace, 4s, and i even saw the galaxy S3. and i compared them to each other and i came to a conclusion that 4s was a little better than the ace. but s2, s3 and the note kicked apple’s butt!!!!!

  21. yomirua14 says:


  22. Swelackattack says:

    So of you want an obnoxiously large phone with a plasticky feel and lag, coupled with bad camera quality and less resolution, get the galaxy note.

  23. alexobeatdj says:

    Yeah! Now I will get a Macbook Pro with Retina Display! I don’t hate Samsung, I like it but I recognize that Apple is much better.

  24. tonymac96 says:

    You need to stay your case !!!! There sooooo many companies out there with very good deals….Take few and threat them !!!!! Use the leverage rule !!!! You need something (for free) and they need a client !!!!

  25. rabbitbutt67 says:

    Well, seems how I have been With at&t since before cingular, i may have some luck as well

  26. tonymac96 says:

    Simple…I have been with AT&T since the Cingular time….Hence, I say to them…make me an offer that I cant refuse or this conversation is over !!!! I was really pissed off with AT&T service lately,

  27. rabbitbutt67 says:

    How did you get the Atrix for free??

  28. tonymac96 says:

    My decision on the Atrix 2 was simple…AT&T made me an offer that I was unable to refuse…pay $ 200 dollar for the 4s ….or take the Atrix 2 for free ????? ….Guess what???…I took the Atrix 2…AT&T will mail it by next week!!! …After seen this video…I’m glad I did !!!!!

  29. NewOrleansKnight91 says:



  30. Atrix2 is Amazing!!!!!

  31. with10places says:

    i LOVE the atrix 2! Ive always been w/ apple but ive changed my mind… this fone rules

  32. MrCloud254 says:

    I had the first one. It broke, so I get the new one for FREE!! 😀

  33. wiil glorioso says:

    I have the atrix its awesome

  34. My atrix 2 just came in

  35. theTHINGisTHIS says:

    Yeah it’s a great phone would recommend!! One thing tho the battery drains super fast may just be mine! But it just dies so fast :/
    Other then that it’s ace and I would say better then the iPhone 4s as I made the swap. 🙂

  36. dallasfan903 says:

    Whoever has an iPhone and is thinking about an ATRIX 2. Make the switch!!! Definitely worth it. Ive been an apple person for years and was iffy about switching to android but I love it! Great phone like the video shows. Leave simplicity for absolute power.

  37. wsuptrick says:

    everybody just gets the iphone because its popular, the phone sucks and its behind in technology…

  38. spraytec2 says:

    I had an iphone 4, it was a great phone but i found that 4s is now huge leap for apple, but im hoping with iphone 5 later this year. At this time I am an atrix 2 user and i have to agree this phone does rock, even the display is better to me the retina display on display seems to have a grayish hue to it.

  39. Deskust1 says:

    Had an iPhone. My contract expired the day the atrix 2 came out. i played with both, went with the atrix 2 🙂 so glad i made that decision. all my friends have the iPhone and are sooo jealous. Get the atrix 2 hands down better than the iPhone

  40. SUJULOVES13 says:


  41. matb1234546 says:

    The atrix 2 rocks…….

  42. larry121314dbs says:

    good job thanx, you do a really good job with phone comparisons

  43. alfredsparkle says:

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  44. ThatOneKid160 says:

    And for people that have a droid. Download the Chomp App. It’s a texting app but you can customize the look on it and stuff.

  45. ThatOneKid160 says:

    I just got the Atrix 2. I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
    Best decision I ever made.

  46. UltimateGamer600 says:


  47. mcg18993 says:

    Even the Atrix 2 is faster than the iPhone when the Flash is off.

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