Sample pictures of the GE powerpro x5

go to to see edited pictures.

go to to see edited pictures.
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  1. Tanya Smith says:

    @Diana Jinx check out my video’s on GE X400 Pro Series. Not much of a difference! quality is very nice. Im not a pro either

  2. Tanya Smith says:

    I never edit my pictures. the only editing I do is crop at the most

  3. Diana Jinx says:


  4. Diana Jinx says:

    Ohh yeah but these pictures arent edited.

  5. Diana Jinx says:

    Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9

  6. mikey2529 says:

    Hey what do you edit your photos on ?

  7. Diana Jinx says:

    this camera might look like a dslr but it isnt. No hd video. It doesnt take pictures fast either if you mean one right after the other.

  8. mcanally27 says:

    hello im really interested into buying my 1st DSLR camera and was wondering if this camera has HD video and does it take pictures fast?
    please get back to me… anyone

  9. travelplus1 says:

    I got the X500 and love it. I can’t believe you are getting DSLR quality photos at such a good cost. My Cousin who is a professional photographer was blown away and said you got such a great camera for the price as you don’t need interchangeable lenses due to weight on the airplane etc.

  10. TheHornedCat says:


  11. BJrandom says:

    Thank You.

  12. Tanya Smith says:

    what is flickr?

  13. xsydneyx56 says:

    good pictures you take really good pictures of pie.

  14. SpringyChloe says:

    I want tp get this camera but nobody has taken photos or people or inside. Id like to see how nice the photos are of inside and people. Could you do that? I’d subscribe and look out for it if you will do it soon. 🙂 thanks

  15. brazilian06 says:

    Wow these pictures are great!! I was debating on getting one but i belive i am getting it now!!:) thank you for the pictures!:)

  16. nice pics for the price of a refurb version of this camera.

  17. Diana Jinx says:

    no it doesn’t , is kinda slow actually.

  18. AfricadelnorteDZ says:

    Hi…is it possible to take simultaneous pictures with this camera?? like ‘click click click’ one right after the other as in other SLR cameras?
    thank u for the reply

  19. Chakdegirl says:

    I really don’t know why people complain about using batteries. Won’t you charge your Li-Ion batteries too? Just get a battery charger…..

  20. Tabatha Akers says:

    Wow great pics..I just purchased this camera saturday from HSN and am waitig on it to arrive..I am so excited to get it!!!!! I dabble in photography and am just starting out so I wanted to upgrade from my kodak easyshare…so I am very excited to get this camera and cannot wiat to try it out!!!

  21. Diana Jinx says:

    yeah the batteries r kind the downside but i guess thats why is cheaper, but i use rechargeable batteries. Most of the pictures on flickr r taken with this camera except for the very old ones, that was taken with a different one.

  22. Emma MacIver says:

    can you but a rechargeable battery for it? cause I saw where the batters go and its kind of an awkward position 😛 Oh and are all your pictures on flickr with this camera?
    p.s. your pictures are amazing! 😀

  23. Diana Jinx says:

    ohh yeah n i like it have it in program AE. Hope this helps . If you have any question i would b glad to help.

  24. Diana Jinx says:

    thanks. What i do is to have it with micro on n i try to stay as close to the main subject or a rose for example. I try to have the rose in the middle, when i think it might b good i just press it half way so the camera will tell me if its focused or not. If i see a green rectangle i go ahead n push it all the way, if it doesnt work then i zoom out n play around until i get a green rectangle . If zooming in doesn’t work then i don’t zoom in at all n i try to get closer.

  25. electronniex says:

    itas pretty oibvious that u r really good in macro photography.. can u give me some tips… plss… im having trouble with focusing the subject. tnx a lot..

  26. electronniex says:

    its pretty obvious that u r very good with macro photography.. any tips pls,,, im having trouble with focusing the subject…

  27. Diana Jinx says:

    U can always get rechargeable batteries, or just keep looking and researching around for one that u really like. There is lots of options out there.

  28. Diana Jinx says:

    ohh n i forgot to mention that the ones i have on flickr r edited with paintshop. I only edit my best pictures.

  29. Diana Jinx says:

    well i usually have it on program AE which is the P on the little dial on the top. If im taking pictures outside i make sure the camera is set up for outside by clicking the “func ok” button. I make sure the size is on “high quality printing” , the quality on “best” ,the wb on “Daylight” or “cloudy” depending on the weather. The colour on “vivid” , the iso on “auto” . The settings will remain the same if u dont change them. I always keep these settings except for the WB which i change

  30. hey,, saw the pics on flickr…i’m just wondering how you took those pictures, i just got the ge x5 as a gift from my parents….and i’m not so familiar with it…HELP

  31. Diana Jinx says:

    Well what i do is make sure the main object is in the center so it automatically blurs out the rest . Also it helps too have the micro on. Hope i could help, im a beginner.

  32. brutalbistroy says:

    teach me how to shoot depth of field images thru ge x5 🙂

  33. Eric Arias says:

    i like your video

  34. sexyseshy101 says:

    WOW they are sooo pretty ^_^ i dont know if i have the power pro or not haha but very nice work ^_^

  35. Diana Jinx says:

    well it has taken me a while to get used to the camera because i never used one like this before. I mostly use it on program AE n a lamp. when taking pictures inside, so i wont have to use the flash.

  36. sexyseshy101 says:

    how do u take pics like that? like i dont even know the setting yet T_T

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