Review Casio Exilim EX-ZR1000 ,new Casio flagship. (unboxing, slow motion high speed camera)

Camera came yesterday by mail from (price= 299euro) It’s still not “released” in many stores. Official release should be at the end of November. Tags; Casio ex-zr1000 EX exilim high speed unboxing review hands on official exilim
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Chirag Chaudhari says:

    I want to shoot pellets traveling around 1000 feets/sec.
    Do u recommend this? Or should I go for Nikon j1/j2. Or EX-ZR 100 should be good enough?

  2. technoandrew says:

    When you use the top toggle control for zooming, is the zoom speed variable or constant?

  3. Massimo Bianchi says:

    Can you please email me a short sample of a 480 fps video? Thanks!!

  4. starf13bel says:

    what an excellent review! I just bought it and I don’t regret 🙂

  5. kevinhanpye says:

    Can you do manual shutter speed control for high speed video?? Thanks.

  6. Haakon r says:

    Does it have a timelapse fuction?

  7. The Casio camera’s operation is great, I always like it.

  8. psyckiko says:

    hi! nice review! can i ask about the battery life? how is it? thanks! 🙂

  9. bloodspiller30 says:

    cool. thanks for the answer =)

  10. CrEaTiVePyroScience says:

    Yes it has a very good autofocus while filming.
    I believe it takes him 0,15sec to autofocus which is extremely low.

  11. bloodspiller30 says:

    does it auto focus when recording a movie? because my old casio ex-fc100 could not auto focus while filming.. :p

  12. CrEaTiVePyroScience says:

    @chemist97lul Indeed, at the time I bought it (16/11/12) it was listed at 299euro. A good at the year of 2012 should be 250-350 euro. The price will drop over time.

  13. CyberDruidtheModGod says:

    Nice price for those features. My Canon SD4500 is was aout $379 USD and it’s crap. Thanks for the look at this baby.

  14. forbiddenFORlife says:

    iese onze 1000frames per second camera 😛 nice

  15. VuurwerkFan12 says:


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