Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera Launched at 2012 CES Press Preview in NYC

The Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera (http://tinyurl.com/dykvad8) launched at the Nov. 8, 2011 Press Preview for the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas….
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  1. Tianna Le says:

    sounds kinda like tom hanks

  2. Exsanguinate Minimalism says:

    The film that older polaroids use is extremely expensive, the film that this new camera uses is called Zink. It’s not laser printing either, the picture gets its color from heat exposure that changes these dye crystals. I have found film for this camera to be around $20 for 30 pictures while the ImpossibleProject offers 8 pictures at $18 minimum. Plus, the design of the camera actually does look vintage but has a modern twist, it is similar to the Polaroid One, but is lighter and more compact.

  3. Niall Kavanagh says:

    So this is basically the lady gaga grey label for Polaroid camera

  4. Pastatothepelican says:

    Do the pictures fade over time? 

  5. milobastage says:

    It can do that, it has a bunch of different borders you can choose from

  6. Rachel Smith says:

    Polaroid should look at what ImpossibleProject is doing. They should start selling the film again. Give us the option of an SD card too, but we want instant prints, not 45 seconds of laser printing…

  7. jeremya5 says:

    lazer printers don’t need ink.

  8. jaowseph says:

    Shake it like a NEW Polaroid picture! 😀

  9. Livereater00 says:

    cool! i’ll never buy one though.

  10. vaporcobra says:

    yes, printing with no ink though.

  11. Kevinhphotography says:

    cool use your current camera, take a photo and print it in less then 45 seconds.

  12. jackies35 says:

    It prints so slow!!! Awwww!!! We re now in the year of 2011… We need speed!!! Nice video!

  13. ToJoinTheFellowTroll says:

    Can the screen turn around?
    So if you take a picture of yourself with a friend or whatever, you can see before hand?

  14. Rodrigo Cordeiro says:

    perdeu o encanto da polaroid ou ficou melhor assim?

  15. LandauTST says:


  16. Adam Wood says:

    nice, half of my childhood preserved!

  17. Jason Lui says:

    Eager to buy

  18. BackdriftNightfall says:


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