Polaroid Pogo Instant Digital Camera Hands-on

We unbox the new Polaroid Pogo Instant Digital Camera and take it out for a hands-on of the features that make this such a fun camera to use. In this video, …
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  1. Anthony Nguyen says:

    you’re an idiot. Completely

  2. SplendidoSplendente says:

    You should compare it with a Fujifilm Instax mini something 🙂

  3. “Can I interest you in a free photo? One, two, free”

  4. adrianTNT says:

    If you want to shock people even more, tell them that Indians are Asians too. :shock: !!! 🙂

  5. DragonRider520 says:

    How in the world would yo know if he is from HK?..

  6. Pepingco says:

    Oh Look an Asian guy with an American Accent – and An American guy with a Russian Accent.

    And to Quote South Park “oh those white people all look the same”

  7. TheCriton says:

    Hong Kong is still ethnically chinese or some people there are catonese which is just the dialect of mandarin they speak so technically he is chinese since he lives in a part of china (Hong Kong)

  8. TheJonBola says:

    So true…
    We don’t ask people to be able to differentiate from which country an Asian person is, we just don’t want people to instantly assume they’re Chinese.

  9. saughton skate says:

    @Zuru100 it wasnt when he wrote that message i dont think

  10. Hong Kong is in China. *facepalm*

  11. MimiBaybee12 says:

    I want one!

  12. Ronnie Coleman says:

    diu nya seng abviously he’s a chinese

  13. Maximilian Reisch says:

    Hong Kong[note 3] (Chinese: 香港) is one of two special administrative regions (SARs) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)

    It is a special administrative region inside China. Quote from Wikipedia.

  14. Sara76120 says:

    Oh and they also have a newer poloaroid that looks kinda like the older one but digital with a screen and everything if you liked the vitage look…its around 250-300 though…and they also came out with the z2300,,,similar to this one but it is 10mp unlike this one which is 5mp…you can check them out on the poloroid web site…

  15. Sara76120 says:

    Same here! But I’ve done some research and found that the older ones total to about $1 a pic (photo paper) and the new ones are anywhere from 35-50 cents per pic…so that made up my mind fast! LOL! Being on a limited income and being obsessed with picture taking…cheaper is better for me:) Hope this helps…

  16. cr3stf4ll says:

    lol, the Avenue of Stars! Free picture with bruce lee? rare!

  17. cr3stf4ll says:

    Hong Kong is Special Administrative Region, and it is OUTSIDE China.

  18. phinbellaforever says:

    Free Picture? …..For Free?

  19. Maximilian Reisch says:

    2:49 WTF u mean I’m going to sell my (ok, nonexistent) DSLR and get a Pogo? No way, but it is sure a nice camera. Hats off to Polaroid!

  20. Maximilian Reisch says:

    Hong Kong = town inside China you hairy twat

  21. In this case he’s right though. Kai is chinese.

  22. Omnomnom Boysinbeanies says:

    Ahh! So keen on getting this, now. Or the old one? The new one is better i guess but the old one is so cute and vintage? Any ideas? I want to cover my whole room in the photos so….?

  23. Zi Yang Lai says:

    I agree with you.

  24. HerrPluxXX says:

    Yes, you use the USB-Cable and press the “Q”-Key at the picture that you want to print.

  25. kingraver507 says:

    have you guys seen the new one, the z2300. It took designs from the 1000 land camera.

  26. TheFriendlyamoeba says:

    there are a few factors that go into image quality. Firstly you have the quality of the lens – if it cannot resolve detail no point in the sensor. second is the iso performane – the smaller the sensor and the more dense the pixels on it the worse in low light and resolving power. An dSLR has a bigger sensor and can take lenses much better on it so even with a kit lens will be better than any point and shoot in terms of resolution. A 10 year old dSLR will do a better job if you know how to use it

  27. crutchfieldtv says:

    Without knowing the specifics of your point & shoot,a true comparison will be difficult. I will say that the quality SLR manufacturers do use better quality image sensors and much higher quality lenses. So, although the Nikon’s megapixels may be lower than your point & shoot, You should find the quality of your images vastly improved. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  28. Arshad Haroon says:

    I am switching from Digital point and shoot to SLR Cameras. I take pictures on party occasions, travels etc. My question is about Megapixels, , If I want to buy “Sony Cyber-shot 20.1 MP Digital Camera (DSCH200B” which is 20.1 MP where as the SLR Camera ” Nikon D3100 14.2 MP DSLR Camera Bundle” has only 14.2 Megapixels. Even if the SLR Camera has lower Megapixel than the digital point and shoot, will SLR still give better picture resolution, please let me know. Thanks a lot in advance.

  29. giaconio says:

    I think you should have used a better camera for this video

  30. 421578danny says:

    buy a video cameras they r cheap

  31. crutchfieldtv says:

    The second camera featured in the video was the Canon PowerShot G11 which was discontinued in the fall of 2010. The current version of this model is the Powershot G15 which can be found by typing our stock number (280G15) into the search window on the main Crutchfield website. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield.

  32. everyoneisbeautiful0 says:

    whats the second one called?

  33. crutchfieldtv says:

    For your uses, you may want to switch to a camcorder and the Samsung QF20 comes to mind as an easy to upload video camcorder that has a high zoom. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  34. brittanybanks01 says:

    I’m looking to buy a new camera but don’t know where to start. Most people use the cannon t3i but I’m a beginner and don’t want to spend that kind of money on a camera. Its for youtube purposes to make hd hair and makeup tutorials and vlog when I’m out. I’d like something that has an lcd screen so that I can see myself while I shoot with the camera on a tripod. I like the high zoom camera shown in this video, what do you recommend? Thanks for your help :]

  35. BoysOnTramps says:

    the chick holding the 7d can’t even hold the camera right

  36. crutchfieldtv says:

    It was the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 which was discontinued in 2010. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  37. Leandro Reis says:

    What is the name of the lumix hybrid camera 2:54.

  38. Pyro Surge says:

    my right ear feels alone

  39. crutchfieldtv says:

    The Fujifilm FinePix S4000 was a great model when it was available. It has been discontinued and is no longer available from Crutchfield. It averaged 4.5 out of 5 stars in customer reviews on the Crutchfield website. For a personalized recommendation from our current inventory, you can contact us directly: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  40. omar farouk says:

    is fujifilm finepix s4000 is good or not and i wanna now it’s advantage and disadvantages and thank u

  41. crutchfieldtv says:

    Each camera does have its advantages. If you plan on refining your skills with picture taking, then the Nikon D3100 would be better as you have more manual control over picture settings, can get lenses to help you achieve different effects. The Sony is an all-in-one with the permanently attached lens. It still has some manual control over picture settings. There are a lot more areas that can be covered between cameras. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  42. omar farouk says:

    i am a begginer and i wanna to buy a camera but i’m confused cause i dont know if sony hx200v is good as much or nikon d3100 is better ??

  43. marcos vinicius domingos silva says:

    What kind of accent is this?

  44. Jeffry Summer says:

    Thanks for you quick reply! Pentax Q is featured on Groupon for $349 (free shipping) with an original retail price of $700. Keep you the informed and educational videos… Peacefully Stay, -Jeff

  45. crutchfieldtv says:

    It is a good starter camera as Pentax does have an easy to use preset shooting modes give nice pictures. The camera also has a lot of manual adjustments you can make as you grow into it. As for the price, that is tough to say as we no longer carry it and I do not know what would be a good price now–Crutchfield

  46. Jeffry Summer says:

    PENTAX Q Kit with Standard Prime Lens a good deal for $349 & a good starter dslr?

  47. alfonze941 says:

    cheers thanks

  48. crutchfieldtv says:

    It is the Canon PowerShot G11 digital camera. That camera has been replaced with the G12–Crutchfield

  49. alfonze941 says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the camera at 1:00

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