PL90 Samsung Digital Camera Unboxing

Hello ­čÖé This is an unboxing video of my new Samsung Digital camera, PL90. This PL90 has a built-in USB cable, so I don’t need any cables or cords at all! PL…
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Samsung WB5000 Digital Camera – First Look It’s finally here – my new WB5000 digital camera.! Let’s tear off the box together -DSLR-like Design -12.5 Mega Pi…


  1. UniversalStar2000 . says:

    you charge´╗┐ it with the built in USB ­čÖé simple as that.

  2. hey guys can anyone please´╗┐ help me with the battary volts of the camera i found my camera without the battary coz its a present

  3. how can´╗┐ i charges it does it have charger..pls reply..i dont have loptop..

  4. how can i charges it does it´╗┐ have charger..pls reply..

  5. iTechTechnologies says:

    Smart And´╗┐ Cool Camera

  6. does it film?

  7. Tomek Kostrzewa says:

    cute girl, and´╗┐ nice camera ­čśŤ

  8. yse. it should´╗┐ be helpful for transferring photos and charge

  9. built in usb! i never know the´╗┐ function!

  10. It is good to see plugging´╗┐ the built-in USB to the laptop.

  11. I like the design very much !! built- in´╗┐ usb rocks!!! XD

  12. thompsonedward49 says:

    No cables´╗┐ !! Cool!

  13. starfish0ilove says:

    Built-in usb´╗┐ is awesome !!

  14. piggingmei says:

    Nice Camera :)´╗┐

  15. MisterCurlyTop says:

    not as good as the wb5500 it has´╗┐ 14 megapixela

  16. Mark Morrison says:

    good info but someone isnt getting´╗┐ laid tonight ­čÖé good review though

  17. lisalilsmartass says:

    hmmm…´╗┐ no straps??

    thats a shame

  18. good information! i can see what functions and features WB5000´╗┐ support.. good!

  19. What a firkkin weirdo´╗┐

  20. PERFECT…unless it uses only special´╗┐ battery….. i need to shoot for a day, not for an hour

  21. 2009European says:

    Lot of digi-cam from the money ! I maybe will buy it´╗┐ !

  22. Very sleek??? You need´╗┐ your eyes examined lol

  23. LiamAndHisSkateboard says:

    it looks scripted, because he´╗┐ looks dead.

  24. seanLFCcoyne says:

    Samsung WB5000, yes´╗┐ you can use OPTICAL ZOOM

  25. it seems´╗┐ cool. how do you compare this camera to sony hx1?

  26. robbybobby20009 says:

    Nice review, but mind me asking, howcome you appeared´╗┐ to hardly be looking at your video camera? It’s nothing much, but it just got me wondering…

    As I said earlier though, nice review ­čÖé

  27. Does anyone know if while in video record mode if you can use the´╗┐ optical zoom while recording, (not the digital zoom)??

  28. joe mccarthy says:

    I had that camera for christmas and its amazing lol ­čÖé The picture´╗┐ quality is really good too ­čśÇ

  29. thebarstalls says:

    do not listen to this man! i got it today it sucks´╗┐ so bad

  30. seanLFCcoyne says:

    You can see that he has opened it before…


  31. much I like this camera on the net but can not find pictures taken with this´╗┐ camera
    If someone would have asked to put some photos in high resolution

  32. naomi190285 says:

    wow 24x OPTICAL zoom?!?! that’s crazy, especially when it’s not even a dslr!´╗┐

  33. workholic3356 says:

    definately the best´╗┐

  34. nicely´╗┐ done

  35. lilyharold2111 says:

    great review, thanks´╗┐ for making this video

  36. trilligien6654 says:

    dat’s a real compact camerea, especially for the´╗┐ ones that have such a powerful lens embedded

  37. atuallove09 says:


  38. sexymickeyroo says:

    love how it captures´╗┐ the picture clear even when you zoomed in so much..! its image stabilization system must be real good

  39. pinkbread5858 says:

    damnn look how much´╗┐ it zooms in!!!

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