Panasonic Lumix G6 Camera Review Video

Panasonic Lumix G6 Camera Review Video – Compact System Camera SUBSCRIBE HERE: The Panasonic G6 camera is a continuation of a successful…
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Willeke Machiels bespreekt de Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ1. Een eenvoudige zoomcamera van Panasonic, met 16 mp. Meer informatie?…


  1. Brandon Shafer says:

    Lots of good info, but it would be nice to see reviews like this one in full hd. If its not then any video or pictures shot are not going to be very helpful to me anyways. I guess they want people to go to there website, guess I cant blame them.

  2. وليد السلمي says:

    تالن ع قنسخرفءنئغفاااءاحء احلمءائتءتل

  3. photographerjonathan says:

    how does it compare to the GH3 or OMD ? and why haven’t I seen the GH3 in Thailand ? 

  4. ftpaddict says:

    The resolution shot shows worrying amounts of softness.

  5. 4 morons in less then an hour…must be slow day 😉

  6. BlueTaurianBull says:

    Cold weather in UK?? Why is the guy wearing a jacket?? that too in June

  7. Aden Teo Aik Nen says:


  8. Jaico Garcia says:


  9. batboobie says:

    Second!! 🙂

  10. SteakBarker says:


  11. try to avoid letter CH in ur language. 😀

  12. LifestyleBySebhana says:

    stel ie ook scherp tijdens het filmen? antwoord plss, wamt ik ben van plan om hem t kopen en ik moet het egt weten! alvast bedankt! 🙂

  13. wow you’re pretty

  14. Alejandro E says:

    i like the sound of this language.

  15. Gronik Monty says:

    Had no idea what was being said most of the time (other than perhaps, “point and shoot camera”) It gave a decent level of product demonstration which I appreciate more than criticisms positive or negative.

  16. fleshtheworld says:

    Hi there, how do you turn the dam flash off the camera, doesnt say anywhere and can find any option or button to turn it off?

  17. bestamerica says:

    nice lumix camera,,,
    but full ZOOM IN is a not clear focus

  18. DusDavidGames says:

    Ik heb DMC-tz4

  19. NEXZchannel says:

    WTF? 1:46 dat geluid xD

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