Panasonic Lumix FZ200, getting the best image quality.

The new FZ200 camera from Panasonic with the incredible 25-600mm equivalent lens at a constant aperture of f2.8 seems to be receiving many bad reviews over i…
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  1. ricecowboy says:

    No mention or review of the image stabilizer in video?

  2. john peter says:

    Thanks very much for your help.. Graham. Keep up the good work.

  3. Graham Houghton says:

    Thanks John. The spec calls for class 6 sdhc cards for avchd or class 10 for MP4 recording format. The transcend or sandisk class 6/10 cards are certified for continuous fast write speeds. You will have no problems with the fastest burst rate setting using either of these cards. SDXC cards use a different (exfat) formatting system. A lot of pc’s aren’t able to format this as its licensed technology. Unless you need 64G ( expensive!) cards I’d stay with 16GB sdhc cards at the moment.

  4. john peter says:

    Thanks for the reply on the manuel. Another point. Iv read on the net aboat which memory card to use on a fz200. sdxc or sdhc. Looking for a high storage ie 32 or 64Gb which is fast enough for burst bird photos and video. Can tou recomend a make and suitable spec of card for fz200. Also, will a sdxc card be automatically refomated when put i a panasonic tv or someone elses computer and loose all data! PS. Love your friendly videos.

  5. Graham Houghton says:

    Regrettably the “missing manual” is only a mock up I did in photoshop as the opening title. It does not exist in print.

  6. john peter says:

    Hi graham, thinking of getting a fz200, im not too computer literate, so where would i purchase your (The Missing Manuel Panasonic Lumax FZ200) i assume it is in book form as it appears on your youtube video stacked on 2 other books. Thankyou

  7. erickolaboni666 says:

    Nice.thank you!

  8. Pac De Roll says:

    Help do i set my panasonic lumix dmc fz-62 for the best video quality like this type.and what are the most important adjustments i need to be familiar with.

  9. Graham Houghton says:

    I don’t have any images taken with the SX50. I tested one but just didn’t like it hence I bought the FZ200.

  10. Shibu Moorthy says:

    hi graham
    can u tell me which is bettercannon sx 50 or panasonic fz200 in terms of image quality

  11. Graham Houghton says:

    For me the Fz200 is the camera to have as its lens is far superior and the video quality is superb

  12. ravi trivedi says:

    hi graham

    wich camera is batter 2 buy sony dsc-hx 200-v or panasonic fz 200..pls help

  13. ravi trivedi says:

    hi graham
    wich camera is batter 2 buy sony dsc-hx 200-v or panasonic fz 200..pls help

  14. Graham Houghton says:

    Hi, yes the aperture yous set remains for the whole zoom range. I tried the sx50 but the image stabilsation was not up to it ( even before the max zoom) and the screen was a lot smaller I’ve no experience with the nikon.

  15. kevmc1180 says:

    Hi graham i when using the fz200 and you set it at f4 does it stayed at f4 right way through the zoom as with f2.8? likewise whatever focal you set it at???
    Im still considering what to get, im never gonna use the hot shoe or the raw options, 24x zoom seems plenty. Im torn between nikon p520 canon sx50 or fz200,,,, on paper the fz200 probably looks better, but all the reveiw sites gets confusing especially as they conflict with each other… priorities video, fps, low light, landscape, macro

  16. Graham Houghton says:


  17. Maryline Chevalier says:

    merci mon prochain achat

  18. UninexusInc says:

    Looking forward to a GH3 section on your channel

  19. Graham Houghton says:

    Thanks for the comment. I love my GH2 also and now I have the fantastic GH3

  20. UninexusInc says:

    Thanks for posting it ! I love Panasonic. Use GH2 myself.

  21. Graham Houghton says:

    Thank you for the response, appreciated.

  22. Dear Graham, thank you very much for the information. I think this is indeed the camera I was looking for. The pictures of Astley Hall and Smithills hall are really great and what a beautiful houses! Hope to buy the camera soon!

  23. Graham Houghton says:

    Because you will be shooting a subject which is flat and parallel to the camera then the depth of field won’t be an issue at f2.8. If typically you can get 1/30 sec exposures then hand held is a possibility with the OIS on this camera. Up to iso 200 noise isn’t an issue. I’ve done indoor shots with this camera (Astley Hall and Smithills hall videos) and pleased with the outcomes.

  24. Dear Graham, thank you for the nice video! I’m looking for a camera to make (detail) pictures of ceiling paintings (ca. 5 m high). Because they are located inside, the lightning conditions are often bad and it’s not possible to use the flash (since the flash will cause reflections because of the (varnished) oil paint ). Do you think the Panasonic Lumix FZ200 will be a good option? I hope to hear from you.

  25. José Antonio Malvárez says:

    Hi Manoj, did you buy the camera? I can’t decide between the models you comment. As you said, in certain reviews (Dxo, for example) put the Canon on top of the Panasonic in terms of image and sensor quality.
    If you got any of them, your experience will be very helpful.

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