Panasonic lumix FT5 tough camera

Good looks, tough, but lousy ISO performance. That Nikon Guy! Subscribe:…
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  1. Michael Wess says:

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  2. sayan saha says:

    New clips please…

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  4. Matt Diffey says:

    Someone’s been spoilt by their D4 with regard to ISO performance…

  5. Frithjof Ritschel says:

    Matt, you are so funny…

    I´ll have to get meself a D4 soon as well, then 6400 is gonna look like ISO 100 on my 600D 🙂
    The way things are going in photography… well maybe you are right Matt. Maybe we should start to expect more from our point and shoots and especially from those funny little tough cameras, which like tough mobilephones are always speced down to sell the toughness over the image quality.

  6. DCassidy42 says:

    Keep in mind Matt shoots with a D4 and is spoiled by it’s high iso performance, and for iso 6400 that point and shoot looked great.

  7. Michael Foley says:

    I thought that looked pretty damn good for 6400 iso on a compact camera. I would say the lack of sharpness was mostly due to the lens or water resistant filters in front of it.

  8. Thomas Ooi says:

    Only 6400 iso? Wow xD.

  9. TheGrimlyte says:

    He probably meant 640

  10. steffpfunk says:


  11. jlalonde1000 says:

    only a 6400 wtf that better than my sony 350 but no as good as my nikon d7000

  12. GeoticMedia says:

    >Only at ISO 6400


  13. Sebastian Najnert says:

    6,400 ISO ?!? I wouldn’t use my Canon 7D anywhere near that high ISO
    Have you got any test shots using lower ISO? <800

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