Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 – My Review (English Version)

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  1. Shu-Fei Chia says:

    Excellent review, better than most ‘professional’ review sites where they simply run through the features without any details or insights. Your insight into the significance of touch screen, especially changing the focusing point when using the viewfinder, is spot on.

    Your review also points to the state of innovation in Canon/Nikon vs Panasonic. Just look at the improvement in the T4i vs T5i (essentially nothing) or the D5100 vs D5200.

  2. GUY WALSH says:

    Excellent… fully enjoyed your GH3 review too..

    Book marked you 😉

  3. MoviesofToCo says:

    Cool review!

  4. Kyle Marenger says:

    what 3 ?

  5. Thomas Sjöholm says:

    I love Ralf’s way of saying “Out-of Focus” when it should be “Auto Focus” 😉
    I’m seriously concidering of buying this camera. However there’s 3 other contenders in this segment.

  6. coisabizonha says:

    Awesome Review!!!

  7. TwinFake says:

    eiles video 😀

  8. TwinFake says:


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