Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 review

A short, sharp review of the Lumix FZ150, Panasonic’s latest premium ultra-zoom camera. Head to for more. Visit http://www.exper…
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  1. shortsharpreviews says:

    Hard to say as they’re quite different… The FZ150 has a big zoom so better for wildlife, sports etc. The G3 has a big sensor so better in low light. It also uses interchangeable lenses so you can upgrade it with additional lenses in the future.

  2. 240matchking says:

    Which is better, in your opinion, the Panasonic Lumix DMC G3 or FZ150?

  3. OneWayFlash says:

    thank you!

  4. shortsharpreviews says:

    I used a Panasonic GH1.

  5. OneWayFlash says:

    Which camera did you use to record this?

  6. chris hoare says:

    is this camera able to connect a fisheye lens?

  7. Julián Mesa says:

    the FZ150 or if u can, the FZ200, but the difference is not that big.

  8. Umesh Bx says:

    Which one should I get? This FZ150 or the FZ100???

  9. omaaar19 says:

    خطيره شكلها اي عربي يسوي لايك ههههههههه

  10. MrAkihiros says:

    SX40 hazy and lazy.

  11. João Paulo says:

    canon sx40 win!

  12. dazz1ful says:

    does this shoot in RAW mode??

  13. Mladen Fantomacan says:

    Watch my Panasonic fz150 video 😉

  14. Whats with this camera taking pics at night?? i was out with friends taking photos on a camping trip and they all had much cheaper cameras than mine, I’m talking $100 cameras. If the infrared on my camera cant reach an object it wont take the picture, these other cameras didnt have any infrared and they could shoot at night at objects far away I was a little embarrassed. I have misplaced my manual so is there anything i can do or is that it?

  15. ThatBulgarian says:

    thanks for the response..i think even with this, the panasonic is the best bridge on the market for this price range 🙂

  16. shortsharpreviews says:

    It’s a common problem with all digital cameras. Some cope better than others in automatic mode, but you can fix it by adjusting the white balance setting, either switching to the Lightbulk/Tungsten WB preset or calibrating the camera by pointing it at a white object and using Manual WB. That said, Panasonic trails a little behind Canon and Nikon for flattering colour output in my view, even with the help of manual WB.

  17. ThatBulgarian says:

    In terms of low light photography ive looked online and almost all of the images are very yellow…is this really an unavoidable problem or do the people not know how to shoot low light(night) photography?

  18. muhammed moh says:

    cant beat the Sony Hx 100

  19. haris dela cruz says:

    I’m going to buy this camera if i have money..right?

  20. Actually,I kind of like all the feature in fx150. Just concern about the blurred background effect.

  21. Ok. Thanks for ur suggestion…

  22. shortsharpreviews says:

    An SLR with a wide-aperture lens is a more natural choice if you want to take portraits with blurred backgrounds. Something like a Canon Rebel T3 (aka 1100D) and 50mm f/1.8 lens. The Pan FZ150 can do too it but the background blur won’t be as strong.

  23. Thanks for ur info. I m glad that it can. Cause I plan to buy it soon…

  24. shortsharpreviews says:

    Stand well back and zoom in – that will give you a narrower depth of field, blurring out the background. You might need to use tripod to avoid shake though.

  25. May I know how to capture a portrait photo ( with a natural blur background ) by using this Panasonic fz150? Thanks in advance.

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