NX100 i-Function Lens Samsung Digital Camera Review

The stylish NX100 offers new ways to create stunning photos with an innovative i-Function Lens. The NX100’s easy-to-use, intuitive i-Function Lens brings all…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The new DV300F from Samsung features a front LCD that makes taking group and other tricky self-portraits a snap. Play Children Mode animation to hold a kid s…


  1. Nice work. Good review, and a cool camera! i love it! And this camera is great for Time Lapse Photography too! you just need this device: tempusALL.bymac.org
    I got very professional time-lapse videos with camera! cool sunset videos!

  2. I saw an article that i function lens are nominated on innovation category by AP award.

  3. SouthFacedWindows says:

    does the lady come with the Camera as well?

  4. Is it just me or is she more dreary than a slow day in Brugge?

    As I began to watch….I started to think about cutting my wrists. But as I let her voice wash over me…..I understood the sublety of it all. I was left with the desire to bleed to death without the energy to do anything about it.

  5. 0713christina says:

    wow. what a nice camera! that’s very interesting!

  6. yup! i think NX100 is the best camera of samsung!

  7. mansion2648 says:

    wow, i think this camera is much better than my camera.. that’s pretty interesting.

  8. this is great camera for me. i love it!

  9. Willofromcss says:

    chick is russian?

  10. wonderful photographic tool

  11. i think NX100 is much better than NX10.. i like it!

  12. It’s funny how an Olympus part timer claims something that is a nonsense tut, tut, tut…

  13. It’s funny how Samsung has copied so much of the Olympus Pen’s design.

  14. elizety1>>: I should’ve waited for this!!!!!! DAMN STUPID NIKON DIGICAMERA

    @elizety1 ~~~what about me???…with my 3-month old WB650… :((((
    well, I’ll get this when it hits our region…. ;))))

  15. No built in flash? We can not use EVF and flash at the same time then. How about built in image stabilization?

  16. so it’s compatible with the NX10 too??

  17. haencesati1 says:

    Sob Sob… it’s okay-

  18. stu…

  19. I should’ve waited for this!!!!!! DAMN STUPID NIKON DIGICAMERA I bought a month ago 🙁

  20. i got the samsung MV800 which flips over a large screen.. i dont like using it in public coz everyone always looks at it. this one is more disreet, so when im taking portraits of me and my partner say at a restaurant etc people wont look coz the camera looks normal..

  21. cameralovers says:

    We bought this camera for a daughter and she loves it. Now, what will she expect next year? We’ll see. In case anyone is interested here is the link to it: amzn.to1bVrJKN

  22. Hi! If you are looking for camera that you can share to your instagram. Maybe, Samsung Galaxy Camera is the right choise. Its 3G + Wifi.

  23. yes you can !!

  24. Dennis Ribar says:


    Does buttons on this camera brights? I bought this camera but can’t see what Im pressing in dark.

  25. jessica schaut says:

    question! I am a huge instagram nerd and I’m wondering if I can upload images onto instagram from this phone. that may be a stupid question as instagram is considered an app i guess… but someone please help me?

  26. Hey there, are you familiar with “photo SFX art” (just google it)? There you will find a useful free video featuring the right way to take amazing pictures. This helped Matt to shoot photos that have a jaw-dropping-effect when you take a look at them. I hope it helps you as well…

  27. yes it can 🙂 it makes amazing HD videos. I love this camera!

  28. Shurry Dossett says:


  29. this camera can make a video or not?

  30. this can make a video or not?

  31. купить эту камеру или от Canon or nikon?

  32. Leonardo Ciòcciòciò says:

    Stupid samsung, sony-canon is the way for best photo! play with your galaxy fail.

  33. try to take a lion this close!!! LOL

  34. 109bucks with memory card and craps, anyhow no tax,

  35. at frys one day sale before labor day:))

  36. brendichich says:


  37. got this on sale for only 99 dollars amazing camera:))

  38. MCRedzonetrooper says:

    just got this camera just unboxing now :3 so amazing!

  39. jada halliburton says:

    This camera is amazing!!

  40. I just bought this camera today and I Love it!! 🙂

  41. Ben Gonzales says:

    Just saw one at target im going to order bundle from amazon.com

  42. umm….fuck yea!

  43. I want!

  44. Tamara Cummings says:

    It a must have! i have one myself and i love it

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