Nikon D700 12-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera – Body Only Building on the immense success of the Nikon D3 Professional D-SLR camera, the D700 offers pro-level perform…


  1. Rosa strika says:

    NIKON RULESS! good lens too. And it works great for TIME LAPSE with this little remote:

  2. Alexis Klarissa says:

    Good afternoon! Have you ever tried photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My work buddy James made some extraordinary photos with their photography tutorials.

  3. WilliamsonOmar5936 says:

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  4. José Campos says:

    Hi, the d7000 has 16 mega pixel. What do u think about that? One more thing, haw many RAW options do you have in the d700? Canon has 3.

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