Nikon D5100 16.2MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera Overview

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Canon combines high quality still photographs and video recording with their EOS 7D Digital SLR. Chris Hardwick and Kevin Pereira review its 18 mega pixel C-…
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  1. Ashton Photogaphy says:

    Ha! Attack of the ignorant show hosts!!
    I’m being mean, but really, if you’re going to test a pro camera you should at least get a pro to do it.
    “Wow look how many buttons it has !!”

    Watch next week as they test the new Nixil 11mil surgical knife by performing complex surgery on an audience’s adenoids.

  2. LTflipnote says:

    wow… worst review ever. seems like theyre just reading stuff off the bestbuy website.

  3. ObeyBrandon says:

    woah, this is at long beach, where do they shoot g4?

  4. tubernery says:

    Thanks for the advice! I bought a t2i with 100 mm usm is and it is the best combo ever..I think the focal length on this though is really small, but that’s ok, I take mainly close up pics. It turns harsh sunslight into a beautiful blurry hue when the subject is shot within a shadow (not sure if that makes sense). I love it..i’m posting a vid of my robotech figure soon. hope you check it out.

  5. Braden Polyak says:

    I would save the money form a 55 mm lens and buy something a little better with a better focal length. the t2i is somewhat of a scaled down 7D. So you will get maximum features and really sharp and accurate color with the t2i. I would probably choose this one (I have a 7D) However, a D90 is also a great camera which I sold for my 7D

  6. tubernery says:

    I’m a noob shopping around for a SLR. I’m opting for the Canon. I know MP size isn’t that important, but the big 18MP size just sounds cool! What do you prefer, taking budget into consideration?
    a) Canon T2i (18 MP)
    b) Canon T1i (15 MP)
    c) Canon Xs (10 MP)
    d) Nikon

    And is the 55mm kit lens any good, or do you buy a seperate lens?

  7. Claudia Ervin says:

    me too

  8. ishmaelll says:

    G4 Tv

  9. rhsbulldawg says:

    Its generally on TV if you got Cox its channel 316 But its on TV

  10. vllada90 says:

    i want one

  11. AndrewM2790 says:

    I love AOTS !!

  12. Mad Hatter says:

    wow, sexy ass camera… i want one!

  13. mrrenz123456789 says:


  14. fosibodu says:


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