Nikon D3200: Hands-On Overview: Adorama Photography TV Adorama Photography TV presents the Nikon D3200 24.2 Megapixels Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm NIKKOR VR Lens. If you are looking for…
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  1. osiris3yhn says:

    i just bought this camera . i like it

  2. Raghib Suleman says:

    Thanks for your Best Nikon 3200 Reviews.

  3. BLASTERSProductions6 says:

    in 08:37 , what lens was there in the nikon d3200 ?? please tell me only this.

  4. ankit sharma says:

    Wil nikkor 40mm f/2.8g be good in all kind of photography with d3200

  5. adoramaTV says:

    No. You’d need a different lens for that.

  6. adoramaTV says:

    The 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens was used in this video.

  7. BLASTERSProductions6 says:

    what lens did u use in the nikon d3200 while recording or setting up ? please answer

  8. BLASTERSProductions6 says:

    cant we get the ‘F’ to 1.8 ? in the 18-55mm lens ? Please answer

  9. BLASTERSProductions6 says:

    cant we get the ‘F’ to 1.8 ? in the 18-55mm

  10. love4ever209 says:

    do you know why when i take moving thing its blurring

  11. adoramaTV says:

    Generally, it’s since camera sensor technology changes, the rule of thumb many photographers use is: buy the best glass you can afford, and less for the camera until you can get a good camera. So, your strategy seems sound.

  12. adoramaTV says:

    Hi Adriano,

    Sorry your D3200 doesn’t seem to be working. To troubleshoot your problem, we need more info. what happens when you turn the camera on? What happens when you press the shutter release? Are any of the controls not working? Is the battery charged? Have you tried taking the battery out for a minute and then putting it back in?

  13. Adriano Gamal says:

    my d3200 doen’t want to shoot 🙁
    can anybody gice a solution in the settings??

  14. vikas kathuroju says:

    nikon D5200 hands on review please

  15. bigtreepu says:

    you do have to switch to liveview to record video, contrary to what this video says.

  16. Margaret Mcdonald says:

    Hey there! Have you considered photo sfxart tricks (do a search on google)? My friend Bellinda made some incredible pictures with their photography tutorials.

  17. Fiziq Ashrani says:

    haha i see.. then buy a 24-70 2.8 if you want to upgrade to FX one day. but you will lose the wide-angle of the lens due to the 1.5x crop factor (36-105mm)

  18. NekyLik says:

    thanks for the advice! but i would prefer FX lenses because one day i will upgrade to a full frame body.

  19. Fiziq Ashrani says:

    buy the D3200 with the 17-55 2.8. much better

  20. ThatFirstBaseMan says:

    Affordable? If I get this for Christmas, my parents won’t get any gifts for themselves and this will be my only gift, what should I do?

  21. jane1975 says:

    Yes I would have to say that it is a slow lens, not very good in high contrast sunshine either ( sensor saying its too dark) will have to save for better faster lenses.

  22. jane1975 says:

    A fast aperture lens like f1.8 or f.2.8 will give you a better shutter speed in low light ( cloudy, nightime or indoors with poor lighting ie a church) and a brighter viewfinder.

  23. ehab ezat says:

    fast lens mean you can get bright image with fast shutter speed . am i right ?

  24. NekyLik says:

    Hi!I need some advice.I have a Canon 600D+a couple of good and fast lenses. I’m thinking about a transition to Nikon (I’ll probably still use the Canon). The Nikon D600 looks amazing,but for the price of just the body I can get D3200+24-70 f/2.8.And maybe a Tokina 12-24 f/4 for ultra wide. Later on I would like to move on to FX.I know the D3200 is entry level but it has an amazing sensor and image quality.24-70 would look funny on that body,but I think it would be a great combo. Your thoughts?

  25. monkeybutteification says:

    Great camera. You will love it for years.

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