Nikon COOLPIX S30 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 3x Zoom Nikkor Glass Lens and 2.7-inch LCD (White)


  1. L. Howard "lisa2004" says:
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    Good Choice for Families, April 27, 2012
    L. Howard “lisa2004” (CA USA) –

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    This is the second Nikon waterproof camera we’ve purchased. The first was the AW100, and I like both cameras for different reasons. I bought the AW100 for me to use while scuba diving in shallow water, and I got the S30 for the kids to use in the pool. It’s perfect for them. The buttons are large and easy to use, and I like the setup – the shutter button and video record button are both on top, separated by the on/off button, and all the menu, feature and playback buttons are on the back. I think this is a great design for kids.

    Many of the “fun” options in the camera are definitely designed to appeal to kids, but I’m looking forward to trying some of them, too, such as the time lapse and fireworks modes.

    In terms of images, the HD videos are very sharp, and the photos are also good, as long as you make sure to set the camera to the highest resolution. Note that if you select the option to add an in-camera frame to your images, the camera seems to default to the lowest resolution – 2 MP – so I would avoid this setting if you want good quality photos. You can always add a digital frame later with photo editing software.

    I think this is a great camera if you just want something to take to the pool or the beach and you don’t want to worry about the kids dropping it in the water or on the ground. It’s easy to use, takes good photos, and you can’t go wrong with a Nikon. The only things I don’t like about this camera are the AA batteries (I wish it used the same rechargeable as my AW100) and the battery/memory card door; I have to use both hands to slide the lock one way and slide the door the other way. You won’t have to worry about the kids accidentally opening it, which is a good thing, but I much prefer the design of the AW100. Other than that, however, I think this is a great camera for the price.

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  2. S. Christiansen says:
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    Nice idea for kids, but not quite there, April 21, 2012
    S. Christiansen

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    My daughter was excited to receive this camera from me. There are several kid friendly elements to the camera like the placement of the shutter button, power button, and video button. Also, the flash is centered, so it is much less likely she will cover the flash with her fingers. She likes the camera and the LCD screen is fine. I can attest that it is rugged and waterproof since it was both dropped on vacation and used underwater at the pool.

    There a few things I don’t like about the camera. The shutter button is difficult for her to press. There is no way to disable the digital zoom. She likes taking closeup pictures of things, but the S30 doesn’t do well unless set in macro mode. However, the macro setting is only available after a few button clicks in the menu instead of a dedicated button. Also, my daughter likes to use the Decorate option to frame her photos as she takes them, but using decorations fixes the photos at small 2 megapixel shots. Low light performance isn’t great for focusing or photo quality.

    She still enjoys the camera and picture quality is fine in good light. Much better than the typical “toy” child’s camera.

    Note: Twice the camera has became stuck which prevented me from changing any settings or turning on the flash. This was fixed by choosing to Reset All in the camera settings.

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  3. Ryzeldorf "Ryzeldorf" says:
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    Kid-Focused Camera, May 5, 2012

    I purchased this camera approx. 2 weeks ago and wanted my 4 year old son to get some use before rating. I feel I can provide a pretty fair summation now.

    So far he likes the camera a lot but there are a couple items that annoy me as the parent supervising said 4 year old.
    First the Gripes
    Number 1- The constant clock and date reset when changing batteries drives me nuts. If you skip it you get an annoying flashing warning!
    Number 2- Picture quality in lower light is poor to say the least. The camera has to be held very still and then it’s a gamble. When the image does come out it looks like VGA phone cam quality. The auto-flash works when it wants, most times its out to lunch.
    Number 3- The resolution of the screen is marginal so its hard to see if the shot is ok or poor.
    Number 4- As another reviewer wrote, it would be great to disable the digital zoom. It blows right through optical and into the digital very easily.
    Number 5- It tends to make very vibrant colors look fake. See Hibiscus of the pictures I have attached…

    Now the Positive Stuff
    Number 1- The flash is in the center so the little guy won’t cover it with either hand.
    Number 2- Battery life is outrageous- I got 532 outdoor shots out of a single pair of rechargeable Sanyo Eneloops and had battery life to spare but it was time to go home.
    Number 3- In outdoor use, in direct sunlight, the pictures are very vibrant.
    Number 4- There is virtually no delay when hitting the button for pictures. This makes a 4 year old very happy.
    Number 5- We spent 4 hours plus with the camera directly in water and often submerged. We were merciless as we’re still within the return period.
    Number 6- Underwater shots are terrific and fun!

    My initial impressions when my son used the camera in our home were very bad mostly due to poor, blurry indoor images. Had we not given it a thorough tryout at a water park yesterday this review would look very different. The great pictures this camera created yesterday really helped me like the camera much more.

    In summary, this camera is good for a 4 year old with little adult assistance. This is not, however, a “Family Cam” as people old enough to use a more advanced camera will insist on doing so.

    Update 9/16/12
    We went swimming this weekend and after a few shots underwater I noticed condensation in the lense and display… Will contact Nikon this week. Only the third time in water and less than 5 feet deep. Hope to resolve soon.

    Update 9/18/12
    Called Nikon. Connected with a rep very quickly but sound quality and accent made it difficult to communicate. Rep said camera should not have been taken in the water and the camera is not waterproof!!! WOW!!!
    I stated the body of the camera, packaging and manual said otherwise. He said maybe he was wrong. Asked for my name and email and is supposed to be sending me a link with warranty info etc.

    Update 9/21/12
    Reviewed emails sent by tech. These aren’t even form letter type emails. They are just links to the Nikon help website. In the email I was directed to an automated form to setup return. Guess what? The camera I am trying to return for service is not on the list. So called tech support again. “Estimated hold time is 2 minutes…” Took 13 minutes to connect. I mentioned the camera model is not on the service site. He informed me just to type up a note, print it and drop in the box. He then provided the address and recommended I ship with UPS. As I live next to a Fedex facility I asked if I could use FedEx. He mentioned he only recommends UPS as they give you a tracking number…hummm…

    Update 10/15/12
    Received camera back from Nikon. Everything was exactly as I sent it. I received a $0 invoice for cleaning and testing. There were no notes about anything found, just a poor photocopy of a page from the owners manual about the possibility of lens/ display moisture. I assume this means moisture in the body is normal? The phenomenon described in the paper was similar to what I experienced so I will try to use again and see what happens…

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