My “New” Kodak Easyshare CX7530!

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Unboxing and a brief overview of the external features on a Kodak EasyShare M853 Digital Camera. More camera news, reviews, rumors, and opinions at mobilemag…
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  1. Killermama98 says:

    do u no how 2 post photos from camera to computer

  2. bakonfreek says:

    is 16GB supposed to work with it?

  3. thejustinl1 says:

    when i use this camera sor videos and then play back it at times goes really fast when im talking even though i am talking at a normal rate please help me

  4. IvyGORE says:

    It’s too fat. LOL! I don’t like camera like that.

  5. Todd Liddick says:

    ok lol cuz i got this video converter and its shit

  6. Michael Kwan says:

    My camera is pretty old now. I got it for about $300 at the time, but you can find similar ones for $100 something now. And yes, direct upload to YouTube. WMM creates WMV files.

  7. Todd Liddick says:

    is yours very expensive and when i am done editing my video can i upload it to youtube or do i have to get a converter?

  8. Michael Kwan says:

    I have a Canon S3 and it works with WMM just fine.

  9. Todd Liddick says:

    so if i get a cannon i can import videos to movie maker?

  10. Michael Kwan says:

    That’s right. The Kodak outputs MOV files and Windows Movie Maker doesn’t recognize those. You can get a conversion program or a different video editor. If you want vid files that are compatible with WMM, get a Canon.

  11. Todd Liddick says:

    ok im using that camera to make all of my videos. when i upload it to my computer i cant import it to movie maker should i be using a different camera or what?

  12. runescape046 says:

    yes my camera suk guality is so fuk up but im trying to fix it up trying to find how ti do perfect quality

  13. Briana Miller says:

    is there a pause button?

  14. remixer412 says:

    da charger has this usb thingy and u conect da usb cord to da wal charger thingy and it charges…

  15. remixer412 says:

    it like can send pics to freinds by e-mail and stuf…

  16. K1ll3rM4st3r says:

    try plugging it into your computer that works somtimes… i dunno

  17. KIKS Velasco says:

    what does the share button do ???

  18. forgonati says:

    How do you charge them?? Where is the charger?

  19. How do you charge them lol. I’m seriously having a hard time figuring it out.

  20. Chikimefuiki says:


  21. joeyscooter says:

    does it have video capture?

  22. dominican93rose says:


  23. LoveHateFashion says:

    lol!.. thanks!!

  24. stitso1 says:

    Very well said. 🙂 Thanks!

  25. LoveHateFashion says:

    the quality of the images is based on the lenses not the mega pixels.. you can have all the mega pixel you want but if you don’t have a good lent your pictures are gonna be low quality… mega pixels its just the size of the image… your canon with 3.2 mega pixels takes better pictures because canon lenses are the best!!

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