Kodak EasyShare Z915 Review

Just a quick review of my new camera. Purchased by me. I am not paid for my opinion (if I was, I’d be rich). ­čÖé

a day at the local park
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  1. I’ve had great luck with´╗┐ mine.

  2. Good choices it is hard to go wrong with a Canon [well they had a few bad models but most are more then fine].´╗┐ And of course Fuji Finepix nice stuff.

    The problem with Kodak is not what they offer but at what price. They use cheap parts, cut corners, and make sacrifices in quality. So what that a decent brand camera with the same specs costs at least 50% more.. that one survives longer. Much longer!

  3. AFateSoTwisted says:

    I got the Canon´╗┐ PowerShot SX130. I love it. Lots of features. Takes perfect pictures EVERYTIME. AND it shoots video in HD ! I did a review of it. I had a Fujifilm FinePix S1500 – which I got to replace the Kodak. I gave that one to my 12 yr old son. The S1500 is pretty good, but if you’re looking to take HD video and high quality photos, the Canon is the one I would recommend.

  4. emokidrell says:

    So which one would you recommend more because i’m shopping around for the best possible affordable digital´╗┐ camera.

  5. AFateSoTwisted says:

    I agree with you. I returned this camera (as you can see in my follow up video). I now have a Canon PowerShot and a FujiFilm finePix.´╗┐

  6. emokidrell says:

    Kodak is´╗┐ not good. I’ve bought 3 brand new Kodak cameras in the past and all have stopped working.. Buy Fujifilm or Canon

  7. jbentley8383 says:

    Ummm….I was watching your video and just wanted to sayyyy…….You look so freaking good!!!´╗┐ You fine girl!!
    Ok..that’s all I wanted to say……and nice camera!

    P.S: Nice accent

  8. peoplestandup says:

    Thank for sharing I love my cammera and you have great way of´╗┐ sharing!

  9. AFateSoTwisted says:

    0:06 into the video, I show a link to the response video. I am´╗┐ NOT an expert. I got a bad camera, too. The response video has been up for quite a while. Many others have commented that they have the same camera & it works fine. Sorry you got a bum deal, but I didn’t sell you the camera.

  10. brandonGCHACHU says:

    Blurry shots every time….buyer beware! Please watch her response review and dont buy this camera´╗┐ based on this review alone. I just wasted $100 on this crappy camera.

  11. baddermopho says:

    I got mine new from Staples too for $99 almost 4 months ago. I’ve taken hundreds of great pics using the scene, auto, and programmable modes. The 10X zoom is fantastic! Pictures are sharp, clear, and true to color. The movie mode is not HD and the auto focus takes a little time to focus when zooming in or out, but overall this is a great little pocket cam for the´╗┐ price.

    Even got a 2 year extended warranty from Staples for only $5 (whenever you buy an electronic product at under $100)!!

  12. i got mine for $99´╗┐ at staples.com

  13. pls speak up but i have the same camera i got the kodak z915 the same one and it was 100.00 on black friday and i love it´╗┐ everything that i want in a camera is this the next one camera i like is kodak z981 that has everything to so this is the two camera out of 10 i had and i like these to the most thank you for sharing you time about this camera..

  14. criminy! I went and bought this camera after watching your excellent review (I think your reviews are great btw- very real and trustworthy). Now I’m all worried that the camera ain’t gonna stay OK after viewing your follow-up´╗┐ video.
    Thank you for your helpful and honest reviews.

  15. ShotekaWizard says:

    Thank you for the video ,am thinking about getting this camera cous my fuje one is giving me problemd ie blacks are more bluer thant black .lol but´╗┐ thanks for vid good luck

  16. AFateSoTwisted says:

    @CarolinaCountryGuy Well,´╗┐ it was a nice camera. I liked it alot. I even did a review of mine on walmart.com. Let me know how yours works out.

  17. AFateSoTwisted says:

    @CarolinaCountryGuy´╗┐ I’d be very careful. My camera starting acting up after 2 weeks and I had to take it back. But it could have just been that I got a defective one.

    I bought a Fujifilm S1500 which I had before and loved. The S1500 is no longer available new, but the newer model S1800 is out and sells for $179 at walmart.com.

  18. bryanbrealfsb says:

    aww cute u´╗┐ makin me wanna by this even more

  19. bryanbrealfsb says:

    aww cute u makin me wanna by this even more ´╗┐

  20. Gennadiy Kornilov says:

    great i got too´╗┐ this cam, perfect lens.

  21. LetArtsLive says:

    try´╗┐ sony vegas

  22. with the mode dial on “P” (program) press the focus mode button, its the one with a flower on it, until u see a flower symbol on the bottom of the screen. There is two modes, regular macro mode and super macro mode. you can also select flower´╗┐ under scenes.

  23. how do you take macro pictures?´╗┐

  24. I bought it for the 30x zoom, and it is a great lens, so yes I am :)´╗┐ Its the last camera before I go DSLR

  25. Still pleased with your choice´╗┐ ?

  26. yes it is a slow camera between´╗┐ shots, I think I used Windows movie maker in Vista to make this video, great for slide shows, but won’t work well in 7. Its crashes ­čÖü

  27. grease1963daniel says:

    Love the pics and video. Just got this camera -had the 980 before and it broke. I loved that camera and all the pics and videos I took were amazing so I am surprised to read the comments here. I can now compare and with what I’ve done as of today,only got the camera 3 days ago and the pics and´╗┐ videos look amazing. In between shots however, it’s hell since it takes 4ever for the camera to be ready for the next shots. Does your’s do that too? And what program did you use for your video on YouTube?

  28. there is a panaramic´╗┐ option, requires you take a pic, pan over and line up one side with a ghost of the previous pic

  29. The previous model had a crappy sensor, thats why this one is only 12 megapixels´╗┐ because it is a much better sensor

  30. TwilightFusionX says:

    how´╗┐ do you take widescreen shots with the Kodak Easyshare Max Z990?

  31. 5/5´╗┐ ! ­čÖé

  32. WeatherNut27 says:

    Awesome. Thanks for uploading! Just purchased´╗┐ this camera.

  33. JohnLoures says:

    Beautiful video´╗┐ ­čÖé Congrats!

  34. enya, Orinoco´╗┐ Flow

  35. Jerry Kokich says:

    That was so entertaining! You have a great´╗┐ eye!

  36. whats´╗┐ the song? , its really relaxing

  37. r@XtremeHDx Yes´╗┐ I do, I was playing with the “dramatic” mode in several shots which I decide I didn’t like, I also decided I dont like the richer color modes that much.

  38. nice,´╗┐ but dont you think there abit to much saturation in some areas

  39. it has setting for just such pics, and a high speed burst mode of 5 pics in´╗┐ one second

  40. cuteperugirl says:

    Is this a good camera for objets/kids/pets in´╗┐ motion?

  41. Randy Conner says:

    I have a nikon p-100, its also another good camera. I would´╗┐ also prefer a SLR but i gots no money lol ­čÖü

  42. @saraniTi28 No, this is not an SLR and the lense is not removeable, it is highly versitle though, I like it and it has an´╗┐ incredible amount of optical zoom, I cant afford an SLR right now and I like alot of telephoto which is alot of exrta cash if you go with a DSLR

    And by the way, it is not compact either lol

  43. I’m thinking of getting this camera, thanks for´╗┐ posting.

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