Kodak Easyshare Sport C123 SALT WATER TEST !!!

Music : 1. Buju Banton – Big it Up (Dossa remix) 2. Dossa & Helix – Take Control 3. Dossa – So Good (dub)
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. David König says:

    hööö das ist eine gruselige seegurke xD Nein spaß schwimmen und mit der anderen Hand filmen ist nicht so einfach wie es aussieht ^^

  2. Taylor XD says:

    2:11 haste ein gespenst gesehen oder was? XD

  3. David König says:

    The camera has no built-in speakers! But a microphon! The video on your computer and you will hear the sound 🙂 L.G

  4. charmlover0708 says:

    Hi. I am thinking about buying the camera, but do you need a microphone to have sound on the video? Because I want it to have sound on the computer when uploading video taken by the camera. Do you have to buy the microphone?

  5. kellog123ful says:

    0:35 AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bryan Bartolo says:

    how many minutes will last the camera?

  7. David König says:

    The sound is perfect 🙂 As I said the only problem is the chromatic aberration @ 0:28 ! looking at the sea, it is purple xD xD But otherwise great camera :))))

  8. iluv2cheer774 says:

    People say the whole camera is now ruined because of the sound, well ya I’m kinds mad at that too but just be lucky u have that!!

  9. manthos626 says:

    I also have this camera is not to say that boro is good boro BUT not to say that is bad is good in Prussia has nice automated analysis SCREEN FLASH
    2 is perfect the first thing is that it is waterproof to 3 meters and the second is that when the sun reflected in valeis

  10. Giannis Kalabalikis says:

    Lucky Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Rebecca Roberts says:

    seems pretty good good price going to get one for a trip to tanzania

  12. MyzticFriend says:

    Thank dude :D

  13. David König says:

    The camera has no built-in speakers! But a microphon! The video on your computer and you will hear the sound 🙂 L.G

  14. MyzticFriend says:

    I’ve got a problem, I recently god it but when i started filming there was no audio is that normal? If it isn’t can you tell me how to fix it 🙂

  15. David König says:

    With brightness error can result in color! I was last week at a Kodak training in Vienna! Even the lecturer has been reported from this disadvantage 🙁

  16. MrWoodywoodward27 says:

    i have this camera and its great, i just dont like it when u hit the sun while makeing a video and those red lines show.

  17. chickabuka says:

    was a nice video until that guy showed up in his banana hammock, really cool man cant wait to try out my new Kodak sport in a few weeks.

  18. Ann Jocel Lumidao-Manalo says:

    how many hours does this camera could stay underwater?

  19. charlie elliott says:

    yup o.O

  20. David König says:

    you mean the fat guy ? xD

  21. charlie elliott says:

    0:34 bujie smuglers!!

  22. David König says:

    No, absolutely not. If you move the camera always good cleanse nothing happens!

  23. Savvas Paraskevas says:

    Nice! Is there problem if you use the camera on salt water frequently?

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