Kodak Easyshare M530 Digital Camera

Kodak Easyshare M530 Digital Camera video made for Kodak by iSiteTV Ltd.
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  1. emilykandi says:

    try to take the the pics with a flash on

  2. Orquidia Del Rosario says:

    Check your video drivers 😉

  3. mistyrose93 says:

    how do you switch views so i can see myself

  4. Lorraine Gorman says:

    I won this camera :L

  5. Giggles969 says:

    my camera is acting up..it takes pictures but u cant see anything when you are trying to take a picture it is a black screen when i try to take a picture but i can veiw otheer pics…can anyone help?

  6. AngelOfPhisch says:

    I just ordered this camera 🙂 Hope it’s as good as everyone says.

  7. 23ORDAZ says:

    you must download quick time (mov) player.

  8. JSLproductionsz says:

    I have a HUGE question!!
    I just got this camera today.
    and when I upload the videos from the camera to my computer using the USB cord,
    it only plays audio!
    Any Help???

  9. ebbcheersammy says:

    how do you switch to the regular besides the internal view

  10. essence johnson says:

    awsome camera

  11. essence johnson says:


  12. th19940305 says:

    can you pause video when shooting

  13. Kelli Brock says:

    Get thisss!! Its amazing!!! it has great pictures for the priceee!!!! and i got mine even cheaper on black fridayyy :)

  14. Jason Clemente says:

    I just jizzed to this video :()

  15. Twatchet Rerk says:

    there selling this on sale at my store for $90 but theres a diffrenrt camera on sale for the same price called Samsung ES65 10MP Digital Camera can anyone tell me which one should i buy 🙁

  16. Jonathan Campos says:

    i got mine today its carbon

  17. Marshall Crocker says:

    got mine 😀 its oerfect for a beginner. takes very high quality video and photo. it blurs during soom, and when you zoom during video, you can hear it in playback of the buttons being pressed. overall its a very good camera 🙂

  18. ARM1720 says:

    NOW That you have your new cam (Kodax M530) can you please tell me your reviews on it? like what dont you like about? please im really interesting in buying one i just wanna make a good choice

  19. Marshall Crocker says:

    got mine today!!!!! I LOVE IT

  20. iTrick2 says:

    Just bought one today. Its awesome!!!

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