Kodak EASYSHARE C182 Digital Camera

Bring out the best in all your digital pictures. The Kodak EASYSHARE C182 Digital Camera comes with easy-to-use operation features that allow you to capture …

http://www.digital.bg/tv/kodak-easyshare-c1530-tv1068.html review by digital.bg End of cold weather, here even a little rain, warm days ahead mostly. Days th…


  1. MrJimaz says:

    I have the blue one and it was my first camera.

  2. MrCODboss18 says:

    she got some NICE titties! 😀

  3. Jose96David says:

    Love this camera even thought its now obsolete, it was my first ever personal camera :’)

  4. سلطان الغانم says:

    i wish i can have it it,s so cheep and cool but i dont have money

  5. shiningaggirl says:

    I have had the blue for a year or two and had gotten it for my birthday. It was my first camera I have owned and have used it so much I wore the shiny film right off of the sceen from my hand sitting their when taking a photo. I just ordered the Kodak Playsport zx5 in red and can’t wait to get it. I totally recommend this and you have to play around with it until you get used to it to make your pictures stand out. So yah, also think you can get it in silver?

  6. buxnavasao3 says:

    DISCOUNT j.mpwPdu6b

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    This a really great camera. It takes very clear pictures, has tons of cool scene modes and internal editing …
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  7. haunt3dn3d3n says:

    @ULAZYCOOK lol@ the ten year old commentin on the big titties and if u aint ten u stopped maturing then

  8. mommalyze says:

    What size is the screen?

  9. saxier1 says:

    I agree ulazycook, they should get ugly girls with no titties to do this stuff..too difficult to concentrate on the camera.

  10. hugoboss155 says:

    How can I copy from internal memory to Kodak Easyshare C182 camera its’ memory card .Pls send me direction

  11. 100shone says:

    i like when she zooms into her own boob

  12. masticina says:

    What is it with Kodak Cameras. I mean .. why do people like them. Ever questioned yourself why certain websites almost never do reviews on Kodak Cameras.. it is not because they are jealous. It is because even if there is a good model.. it usually dies within the year.

    Kodak is film wise seem very nice, but they missed the boat with digital and yes they are cheap for a reason cheap parts. It isn’t that good stuff!

  13. Raul Carrera says:

    Divina la minita, una mantequita…!

  14. TorantonioGames says:

    oh man i fucking agree with you

  15. TorantonioGames says:

    oh man i fucking agree with you

  16. KinkyCactusFace says:

    fuckin piece of shit it dosnt even turn on and they brand new batteries! fucking kodak

  17. SoftPillow3 says:

    wonder what she was talking about at 2:24…

  18. SoftPillow3 says:

    wonder what she was talking about at 2:24 haha

  19. MasterReviewGuy says:


  20. anonymous10001000 says:

    COMPLAINT! i just bought this camera for 14MP and they didnt put in all these features like they did in this video, i think thats BULL CRAP, and why does it only take 12 seconds of video? do i need to buy a memory card?

  21. Standown129 says:

    its not a television…its a camera. how often do you see professionals watch what they filmed on the camera they filmed it with. upload it and watch it on your cpu or your tv! BAM! sound…

  22. runescapeooownznot says:

    This costs 46$ in Norway 😀 Maybe im going to buy it….

  23. HeavyMetalRocker676 says:

    its a good camera but its a bit ugly

  24. monstermiataman says:

    its the best camera ive evr had not best ive used butthe best ive owned one big thing that pisses me off about it no god damn speaker so you cant hear the video you just made

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