How to Fix a Camera DIY

The issue with your digital camera might be a very simple one, so why not repair it yourself? For more details, please see …


  1. Bryce Hamilton says:


  2. FingersOfSky says:

    wow so true

  3. ashfaq meah says:


  4. Tedsta101 says:

    He does do it on purpose, but it’s still funny.

  5. Ken Ward says:


  6. ImJustARandomGuy23 says:

    google translate rulezzz))))

  7. enart777 says:

    Так и есть. Нам не приходится это пробовать самим =)

  8. ismet aksoy says:

    dude, you are awesome

  9. 48Dacman says:

    No shit genius

  10. Ryan Little says:

    lol “its ok…its safe now”

  11. MangaMan Jason says:

    lol all the way ¡¡¡¡

  12. simon hegerg says:

    lol, you never fail to impress mehdi

  13. bdshooter says:

    Its okay its safe now :3

  14. conor fairclough says:

    Sometimes I think he dose it on purpose

  15. InfiniteController says:

    Funny how, 69 likes.

  16. Jocelyne Strathearn says:

    MAke more vids !!

  17. fukc hoe says:

    theres a connector here connector there connector everywher lol

  18. MEU CU PELUDO says:

    Oh god dota follows me everywhere

  19. theSYED10 says:

    I love that intro

  20. funny coincidence - I own the same camera model (S5IS) and I also got an electric shock from a flash capacitor. Feels horrible

  21. MrTechTester says:

    I touch the flash capacitor when I first opened a camera 😛 it felt really funny

  22. You have a good sense of humor

  23. Funny as way have fun wen you can be stupid

  24. LtThompsonCS says:

    … although I’m not too sure you’d want to do it yourself with an SLR …

  25. zxcv1175 says:

    Love this guy

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