Fujifilm FinePix X100

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  1. vidocci24 says:

    I like the classic style of this camera..

  2. SuperHolybasil says:

    Only 3 weeks left. Oh god oh god

  3. rhchan99 says:


  4. metalshox says:

    This is R E A L motherfucker! , i’am Buy, and you ?

  5. drukpachoegon says:

    fuji CEO is smart to come up with such design, back to old days! i love this camera and i will get it despite i have four DSLR cameras, two Nikon and Two Canon. I am excited could not waiting to come up in Asian Markets soon.

  6. if this goes for $750 street, i want it. maybe $800. but, $1000 is pushing the limit. but, damn… this is great. i like shooting my life. this is perfect. hopefully high ISO performance is on par with the newest round of mid-level DSLRs (they are getting quite up there!).

  7. zalocrates says:

    Gran camara!!!

  8. Xxx0zkrxxX says:

    looks like a old camera

  9. toocoolforu says:

    omg this looks like an M9!! so exicting!
    Too bad i bought myself a panasonic GF1 last month lol

  10. kwiksmart says:

    Instead of “FinePix” they should have called it “Like-a”

  11. RickyJr46 says:

    In some ways it’s like the first Mazda Miata: a modern rendition of an old classic. It doesn’t try to be all things to all people, no 500hp V-8, no luxury interior or 27 speaker sound, just a simple approach done with great charm and some crossed fingers by the designers!

  12. Jeffty Orillo says:


  13. ChrisAdSim says:

    FINALLY! *first*

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