Fujifilm Finepix S8200 Review

Recently acquired this Fujifilm camera off of Costco’s website. I’ll try to answer any questions you leave in the comment box. Thanks!


  1. أسامة الشمري says:

    Please, could you share some sample images of it? specially of low-light conditions… Thank you…

  2. TheRannix says:

    Fuji cameras are user friendly. I especially love the double zoom switch, one on top of the camera and a rocker style switch on the lens barrel, so you can use it right or left handed. The picture quality is awesome, and the menu is easy to navigate.In case anyone is interested here is the link to it: amzn.to17pOX3G

  3. أسامة الشمري says:

    Please, if you share some photos for low-light conditions, I would appreciate it very much…
    Thank you

  4. JackGhost115 says:

    this camera started my better film-making career. I’m using it for my portable videos and my new lego movie which will probably take about a year to make.

  5. rollercoaster699 says:

    Finally got that camera its the best

  6. lakersrock64 says:

    it has 1080i

  7. 43 seconds into your video you stated it was a S2800 so is it a S8200 or a S2800

  8. your hott!lol thanx for the advice .. i wanted to know if this camera was legit or not. im getting mine from sams club awesome price!!!

  9. CannedVideos225 says:

    How much battery life with those AA’s?

  10. shenny4opex says:

    $229.99 plus tax as of today at costco

  11. rollercoaster699 says:

    How much does this camera cost

  12. Vince Sirico says:

    Hey Sharat, the camera is decent at low light conditions but not terrible. It does have a low light mode that does help so they did try to feature a low light solution.

  13. Sharat Puranikmath says:

    i wanted to know the camera performance in low light conditions.

    Thanks in advance

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