FujiFilm Finepix S2980: Photo Slideshow of ‘Auto-mode’

This is just a slideshow of a few photos taken on the FujiFilm Finepix S2980 in AUTO-MODE (this is essentially the camera’s most basic mode for taking photos…
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  1. BladesOfMunch says:

    I know it’s not like 720 – 1080p HD quality, but the Nintendo 3DS has a special [video] mode for making stopmotion video. I guess you’re after ‘good quality’ though, huh? Good luck in your stopmotion adventures.

  2. GeorgesEpicLego says:

    Yeah, I know about those, to get a good quality one i would have to go way out of my price range, and they are harder to find. So I am just looking for something cheap and good. 🙂

  3. BladesOfMunch says:

    I don’t know if you know this, but there are camera’s around that may be better suited for your purposes, especially if all you intend to do is stopmotion. Some cameras have software built-in, which allow you to frame and stitch shots together into a video. This is NOT one of those cameras, i.e. it doesn’t have stopmotion mode.
    If you buy this camera, you will have to take each shot and edit them into a video on PC. Is this what you want to do?

  4. GeorgesEpicLego says:

    Ok, thank you very much, I am only starting out and am looking for a camera that would be good for Stop Motion Animation. So Thanks very much

  5. BladesOfMunch says:

    It was a beginning point for me. If you’re new to macrophotography, it might be a worthy investment for a starting position. Having said that, this camera is a basic ‘all rounder’. It can do a lot, but can’t do everything.
    If you want even greater close up’s, then you need to think about getting a DSLR with a macro-lens. These are special lenses that allow for even greater close up’s.

  6. GeorgesEpicLego says:

    Yes, I did watch the video and yes, I did see the close up shots, and to me, they do look good, but I would be buying this camera based upon its close up shots. So I wanted to know, if you were in my position, are the close up shots good enough for you to have bought it based upon them? But anyway, I cant buy it at the moment anyway, because it is out of stock everywhere

  7. BladesOfMunch says:

    I hope you watched the video. There were several close up shots in it. There are much more close up shots on my Flickr page; the links can be found on my channel.

    Are the close-up shots good? That’s subjective. You should form your own judgement of what is a ‘good’ close up shot. Just because something ‘works’ for me, doesn’t mean it will ‘work’ for you too.

  8. GeorgesEpicLego says:

    Would you say that this camera is good for taking close up photos?

  9. lequi777 says:

    i’d f*cking LOL in this conversation XD

  10. BladesOfMunch says:

    For “better quality”, click on the “f**king” link in the description. Thanks.

  11. Thibault Franssens says:

    for beter quality …. upload it in f*cking HD 1080p and not 480p

  12. BladesOfMunch says:

    What does the new firmware improve?

  13. tomwrn1 says:

    thanks for making the slideshow and taking all those photos. That was very helpful.

  14. Samith Daniel says:

    There is a new firmware update for this camera. 

  15. UnleashedPlanet says:

    Hey can you check out my channel and see the Fuji HS30 EXR video/pictures test. i’ll appreciate it alot! thanks

  16. BladesOfMunch says:

    What I did for you was compare what each camera can/can’t do. I’m not recommending either camera, and can’t do so when I don’t own a BenQ. I simply just pointed out that the ‘best camera’ depends on what kind of photos you want to take. If you want to take HDR and night photos, then go for the BenQ. If you want panorama, A, C and S modes then go for the FFs2980.
    If you don’t plan to improve your photography skills, then it doesn’t matter what camera you pick. BOTH offer simple photo modes.

  17. Moosa Mubeen says:

    So basically u are trying to recommend the GH 600?

  18. BladesOfMunch says:

    Hey again. I think my answer was not specific enough in some ways. If I can have a second shot to answer your question, there is not a specific ‘night mode’ on this camera. SR mode is an automatic mode that adjusts the settings for you, to enable taking night shots. Manual mode is my personal favourite for low lighting, but when you adjust the ISO beyond 1600, low lighting images start to become a bit grainy.

  19. BladesOfMunch says:

    Hi again. Night shots, in all honesty, are not great on the Fujifilm Finepix s2980. I tried some night sky/astrophotography, and after ISO 1600, things start to appear grainy. When you’re taking photos of people or animals, it helps having some light available, e.g. speedlight or flash (though, flash is NOT animal-friendly).
    Lower ISO’s prevent catching max. light, but they help keep the photos smooth. For good night shots, try Nikon cameras. Nikon is like, the king of low lighting.

  20. BladesOfMunch says:

    3. The BenQ GH600 seems better in low lighting, whereas the FFs2980 produces some graininess when you increase the ISO beyond 1600.
    In all other important features, the cameras share the same super macro, 720p HD video, white balance, megapixels, M mode, shutter and ISO ranges.
    Ultimately, you should choose to suit your budget and the TYPE of photos you plan to take. Both cameras have an automatic mode, which is good for point-and-shoot intentions.

  21. BladesOfMunch says:

    From what I can see, the BenQ GH600 and Fujifilm Finepix s2980 differ in:
    1.Optical zoom. The BenQ GH600 has 21x optical zoom, whereas the FFs2980 has 18x optical zoom. Does this slight difference matter? I can’t say. It might be subjective.
    2. Modes. The BenQ GH600 doesn’t seem to have e.g. panorama, S mode, Custom mode (whereas the FFs2980 does), instead it has HDR abilities. HDR is not a mode available on the FFs2980, but it might be possible to do [manually].

  22. Moosa Mubeen says:

    Guys i need ur help should i buy this one or the benq GH600?

  23. BladesOfMunch says:

    I can’t advise you there; the ‘best settings’ depends on YOUR preferences as well as the lighting and scenarios you’ll come across.
    For a beginner (or scenarios were you want to take photos quickly), SRauto mode might be ideal. This is an automatic mode where the camera adjusts the settings for you. All pictures in this video were taken in automatic mode.
    Personally, I like using M (manual) mode. It gives me more control over ISO and aperture. See my Flickr link (on my channel).

  24. sprowzms says:

    I just got this camera. I will be taking outside pictures next week. What is the best settings to have the camera on?

  25. BladesOfMunch says:

    Aw thank you; you’re sweet. 🙂 I personally think I could do a lot better. If you’re interested in photos – please check out the links on my channel. You’ll appreciate the photos there because I have improved.

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