For more info visit: It’s all about IFA 2012 and SGNL by Sony got an exclusive sneak peak at the new NEX-5R Digital Camera. A successor …
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  1. Stephen Killian says:

    question do you think the camera would work well for quick movement like skateboarding ,and stay in focus on the skater and not blur when quick movments are performed ?

  2. rick Pic says:

    I have the same camera, NEX RELEZ! And now finally there is a remote to trigger video recording on my NEX. Check out the redNEX remote at:

  3. Rosa strika says:

    I have the same camera, NEX RELEZ! And now finally there is a remote to trigger video recording on my NEX. Check out the redNEX remote at:

  4. Ravag Stringa says:

    NEX RULESS! good lens too. And it works great for TIME LAPSE with this little remote:

  5. Jack Curtis says:

    I have the same camera and it works great for time lapse! NEX RULEZ! How do you trigger your camera for time-lapse? I use a cool remote that lets you set time between photos:

  6. Abe Lincoln says:

    I have seen a lot of reviews and read up on all the articles on the Sony Nex 5R, so I bought one today! Woo hoo! Can’t wait to toy around with it!

  7. chrissel7 says:


  8. PeachiPaff says:

    omg anthony reminds of leonard! (from TBBT)! :O

  9. notman05 says:

    Hoping to get one of these soon. The review got me even more excited

  10. John Smith says:

    Hello there, have you heard of “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you will find a smart free video featuring how you can shoot better photographs. It made it possible for Matt to make pictures which have that jaw-dropping-effect after you take a look at them. It may help you out also.

  11. tweakiepop says:

    Very nice, and a little irritating Sony. Basically what the 5n should have been. Cheers.I’m stuck with a 5n with your annoying clicking problem. To quote the great E. Cartman… ‘Can you give me some lipstick, cause I like to look pretty before I get F***ED’

  12. Urgan Blat says:

    It has a better sensor than the NEX 5 right? Cant wait to see some time-lapse videos with it! i’ve done some with my NEX 5 and a cool IR intervalometer to trigger it, TempusNEX: has anyone done time-lapse with the NEX 5R?



  14. Michael Molli says:

    quote sgnl:

    « cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool »

  15. andreino izzo says:

    if you are interested to buy it contact me at
    price 600 EURO!!

  16. quick question: Im a rookie/amatuer and will be going out next month to purchase this Nex 5R but i just seen a video for the Nex 6. My question is what camera would be the best for me. I dont mind the price difference but there are a few things that makes this tough i the view finder, 180 degree tilt/touch screen, also the new 16-50mm zoom lens.

    What would be best for me?

  17. BoriBlaze1 says:

    ok so if we have the sony nex5N could we also download new apps??? If not I want to trade my 5N in for the 5R. It’s only few months old.

  18. CommiePinko101 says:

    I’ve been waiting for a successor to the 5-N for a while now, so I welcome the 5-R’s release.

    Before I upgrade to a NEX 5-R I would want to make sure that Sony have eliminated that clicking noise which ruined the 5-N’s audio when capturing video.
    Have Sony fixed that problem for the new model?

  19. Nam Trịnh says:

    Stop releasing new version of nex-5. Instead of that, please release new version of nex-7 🙁

  20. SuaveLlaveBlog says:

    Adventure Time!

  21. Happy to clarify – Continuous Video capture is limited to 29 min 50 sec. However, as will all large sensor cameras, continuous video capture can be reduced by internal temperature of the camera, which can rise due to the length of time the camera has been recording, and the temperature in the environment. No large sensor camera (of which we are aware) is designed for endless continuous video recording, and if this is the intended use, a camcorder should be considered . Hope this is helpful!

  22. So it doesn’t offer a dedicated PC control app like what’s been avail for a700/a850/a900. But the Play Memories Mobile app for Smartphonse & the Play Memories Camera app “Smart Remote Control”,much of this functionality will be available wirelessly, just a tad different.The Live View display will be avail for viewing on phone (real time), the command to release the shutter can be sent to the 5R, and the image sent to the phone-not the same PC based remote control by wire but similar advantages.

  23. Play Memories Camera Apps are developed by Sony but the product team is aware that interest has been expressed in development of apps by others. We passed the feedback along for sure.

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