Ep 65: Sony DSC-HX20V Review

In this video I look at the Sony DSC-HX20V. This camera has some amazing features which arent seen in a compact camera however sacrifices size by being a lit…


  1. Jaymie Treadwell says:

    I would go for something other than the HX20V – theelevatorchannel has had a number of issues with his, and quality is nowhere near as good as what comes out of his TX100V

  2. Geoff Quattromani says:

    I couldnt promise it one way or another, I just havent tested Panasonic cameras before.

  3. Ratedparental says:

    @Geoff Quattromani I see would you say sony are better than panasonic cameras for video, sorry I keep asking but I’m trying to work out because they have nearly the same specs and I want better colour and quality.

  4. Geoff Quattromani says:

    I havent used the TZ40 so I couldnt tell you sorry.

  5. Ratedparental says:

    Would you prefer the videos on this than the Panasonic TZ40?

  6. Geoff Quattromani says:

    I havent actually used the HX10 before, but I think the biggest difference is the lesser optical zoom than this one.

  7. Geoff Quattromani says:

    Thanks for your feedback, good to see another YouTuber! I didnt love the video of the HX20V, it took good photos but lacked in the video area. The black&white+colour feature is built into the camera, it’s just another function on the camera modes so it is really easy 🙂

  8. Olive Latina says:

    Just one more question, is the Sony DSC HX10 a better video camera than the one you used to film this review, in terms of definition? Thank you

  9. Olive Latina says:

    Really good review, I’ve just ordered this camera from QVC for £159 and it comes with a case. I bought it primarily to use as a video cam to do my YouTube reviews! Would you recommend a different camera for video recording? Would you be able to do a tutorial on how to add colour to a black and white photo, you mentioned it in your review. Thank you

  10. Geoff Quattromani says:

    Ha ha nice one Barba… wanker.

  11. barba rossa says:

    that is really a manly looking watch,it come out of a fast food take-away bag?

  12. Geoff Quattromani says:

    Not particularly, takes great images but not amazing video. For a compact camcorder substitute I would consider the RX100.

  13. Joshua Nesbitt says:

    Does this make a good camcorder substitute?

  14. Geoff Quattromani says:

    If a long optical zoom is important to you then the HX20V is the perfect solution.

  15. MANAS AGRAWAL says:

    Just in confusion to buy a cc in 18k INR . confused between hx20v and canon sx260hs or any other?

  16. Vipul Shinde says:

    Thanks for uploading nice reviews. I am not able to decide between sony hx20v and DSC-HX200V. I want camera with good image quality and better zoom as well as nice low light performance. Can you please let me know your opinion?

  17. Dileepudu says:

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion…

  18. Geoff Quattromani says:

    If a long zoom isnt all that important to you then the Nikon would be my pick.

  19. Dileepudu says:

    Thanks for uploading nice reviews. I am not able to decide between sony hx20v ($ 260) and Nikon 1 V1 ($ 290). I am not worried about portability but looking for a camera with good image quality and better zoom as well as nice low light performance. Can you please let me know your opinion?

  20. dguiuigfb says:

    Hey there @gqattromani I have this kind of cam and i’am curious if the lens it has is can be replaced to macro lenses? or if it has a compatible macro lenses for this? Just like the lens of some DSLR? I want to suit this a 55mm macro lens if it can.. 🙂 thank you.

  21. Geoff Quattromani says:

    Thank you mate, I also appreciate the comments. I rarely see the need for people to buy camcorders anymore, the digital camera or SLR does a better job these days AND can be used for great photography also. Win win. Hope to hear from you again 🙂

  22. urbrainwashed2 says:

    Oh thanks. I was wondering because it really takes a nice video. Just goes to show, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a camera to get good video quality. I found your video because I just started using my new HX20v. I bought it mostly for video and I found it very impressive, better than my 2 year old sony camcorder. Nice job on your reviews !

  23. Geoff Quattromani says:

    Hi mate, it is a Canon IXUS compact camera, really simple one really, great because of its size but not a photographers camera by any measure.

  24. urbrainwashed2 says:

    Hi. I am curious what Canon camera you used to film the video. Thanks

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