Cybershot: Incredible Zoom Incredible Details TVC with Deepika Padukone

The Sony high zoom feature promises you exceptional picture clarity even while you zoom-in on your subject. Watch here actress Deepika Padukone using the hig…


  1. Shah Jamal says:

    <3.. Loads of lv 4 u......... my Shona

  2. devinalbino says:

    Watch Live Indian TV Channels Online FREE @ w w w.

  3. selena-Katrina ihssanita says:

    is very nice.Deepika i love you

  4. Navneet Singh says:

    Dude Give us the whole song please
    wouldn’t it be like marketing ??

  5. Edwin Prince says:

    no kidding..i searched it on de internet for a whole hour but no luck..anyway, great music and choreography people..cheerz.. m/

  6. Prosenjit Mondal says:

    Thanxx to sony for making world class products for consumers …………..

  7. Dennis Fernandes says:

    thanks for the compliments on th dance moves neeldaksh01…. i am the choreographer of the ad film…

  8. Jeet sohan says:

    deepika looks nice, im her big big fan. this ad is so full of colour and i feel nice every time i see it on tv

  9. Sony India says:

    Dear @nitrogod1991 – We have got this awesome music track specially composed for this commercial. You can download this as ringtone. The link is mentioned in the video description.

  10. Edwin Prince says:

    anybody know da name of the song??

  11. Neel Daksh says:

    nice moves and peppy music. Love Deepika’s dance and the carnival theme comes out straight. Just one point here more crowd and more revelry would have made the carnival theme more impressive.

  12. ananya rathore says:

    Wah! re Wah! Dipika zooms in to Dipika!! What an idea sirji!!! Agree Piyush, that those morons created this ad is doing a great disservice to the industry. Should be sacked immediately.

  13. piyush sharma says:

    Absolute waste of time and money. The no brainy creative geniuses behind this should be sacked immediately. And for Sony, Why do you do these kind of crap in India and test viewer’s intelligence. Pls stop doing such shit time and again.

  14. Mark Robins says:

    Brazilian Carnival + Deepika = SMOKIN’ HOT

  15. Deepika looking gorgeous as always

  16. Canon ads justs puts there marketing crap in them.

    Historically Sony ads always were really good,you can’t call this ad as bad,certainly not inferior to the canon and nikon ads.

  17. jyotization says:

    groovy music, makes me dance. A classy ad, like always

  18. upsetting ad…. u make nothing of it…. Canon ad kicks butt

  19. PreityDuygu says:

    love it 

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