Cyber-shot DSC-HX50V: Official Video Release

There for the unmissable. Introducing the new Cyber-shot DSC-HX50V/DSC-HX50. *GPS function is available on DSC-HX50V. Availability of models depends on region.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

this is the unboxing of the camera.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Thai Long says:

    Love it!

  2. MrUmStudio says:

    looking forward to the release in Russia, I want to buy a miracle)
    с нетерпением жду выхода в России, очень хочу купить это чудо)


    Autor, ¹Cléber Bortoluzzi,

  4. chocottohi101ki says:


  5. 佐藤 店員 says:


  6. Anh Nguyen Dang says:


  7. Oh, I love VN

  8. James Page says:

    This isnt suggesting that the video is from a HX50. Its giving you an idea of the kind of lifestyle that the HX50 would compliment i.e. young travellers looking for quick, decent images. The product specifics are covered elsewhere.

  9. kklukov2 says:

    is it true the EVF is the same price as the cam?

  10. Dinhvix Nguyen says:


  11. Vet Adventures says:


  12. Vet Adventures says:


  13. Achwaq Khalid says:

    Hopefully the price of the Cyber-shot DSC-HX30 will drop, since it’s still overpriced compared to other compact cameras in the same range, After all a X20 optical zoom and 18 megapixel is still descent.

  14. sentimentaloldme says:

    It never ceases to amaze me why Sony gives the impression that these shots are coming from the DSC-HX50V. A proper demonstration with sample clips from the camera should be the theme of the video.

  15. fishycomics says:

    It’s about a camera, and that Is interesting May 31st 2013. due date Awesome

  16. Camara Vieja says:


  17. supermojo43 says:

    I doubt any of them

  18. titaniumslug says:

    Cool video. Please can you tell us which shots were actually taken with the HX50V?

  19. Lieu Hennessy says:

    Nice work Sony, you did make a wonderful video not just introducing new camera also a wonderful video about Viet Nam and I also come from Viet Nam, so good job Sony keep up the good work.

  20. samuel naicker says:

    mrtweety2707  GO AND FU/Kyourself

  21. Nicholas Barter says:

    Nope, definitely pink. Says so on the outside of the box at around 18-20 seconds. Plus the TX10 never came out in red.

  22. MrTweety2707 says:

    No thats red but looks like pink.

  23. MrTweety2707 says:

    It’s red but looks pink.

  24. MrTweety2707 says:

    It’s red,but it looks pink. I’m gonna get a yellow TX-10 for myself.

  25. MrTweety2707 says:

    Fuck yourself and be a brony.


  26. MrTweety2707 says:

    His mascot.

  27. MrTweety2707 says:

    Bro lay off spamming and be a brony.

  28. GeorgyElevators says:

    Does it take 3D photos?

  29. Georgy2508 says:

    Andrew. Can you ask maalit72 to unblock me, please?

  30. Georgy2508 says:

    Also watch JimLiElevators’s video. Kone KSS 140 Traction Service Elevators at SuperKatie Suites Hotel in Downtown Elevationville. Jim is farted loud at 0:07. Laugh at it. Hahahahahaahahahahaha.

  31. Georgy2508 says:

    Watch Jim’s video. Kone KSS 140 Traction Elevators at SuperKatie Suites Hotel in Downtown Elevationville. It’s has a Funny High-Piched Voice. If it voice talks, then laugh at it.

  32. maalit72 says:

    DSC means Digital Stills Camera

  33. DieselducyCanada says:

    if you take the DSC Part. spell it backwards and it becomes CSD Which stands for … C=cyber- s=shot-d=digital camera. LOL:-)

  34. Georgy2508 says:

    What hotel are you staying in Vegas City?

  35. maalit72 says:

    You can take 3D pictures and 3D panoramic pictures with the TX10

  36. Georgy2508 says:

    Andrew. Do you take 3D Photos?

  37. Georgy2508 says:

    I have a camera. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W610.

  38. Georgy2508 says:

    My mom bought a camera yesterday.

  39. maalit72 says:

    Wow! You got a 18.2 megapixel camera!

  40. maalit72 says:

    The TX5 is 10.2 megapixel. The TX10 is 16.2 megapixel.

  41. CBMAwards says:

    I just got my new DSC-HX10. shoots in 1080p hd. would you like to see it?

  42. maalit72 says:


  43. elevatorfreak112 says:

    How much did this Cost you I am trying to find a new camera mine is getting some miles on it

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